Blog posts for Authors

Not quite the same sort of post…

In 2014, I started brainstorming a list of blog topics to use on my author website. A number of people said they were interested in them, so I’ve started blogging them each week. Here is a summary of topics and links to the relevant blog posts, this list is being updated and the links will be added as the posts go live.

  1. Where do you write?
  2. Interview yourself
  3. The story behind
  4. Books you loved as a child
  5. Top 5 lists
  6. Recommend a book you enjoy
  7. Interview an author
  8. Animals and pets
  9. Interview a reader
  10. Tell your readers a secret
  11. Interview one of your characters
  12. A day in your life
  13. Your dream cast for a movie of your book
  14. Fun facts
  15. Giveaway or competition
  16. Where am I?
  17. Music I like to write to
  18. Costumes and dress ups
  19. Comment on another article/blog post
  20. Theme song for my main character (or any of my characters)
  21. What are you reading right now?
  22. What is in your “To Be Read” pile?
  23. Something I have learned
  24. Mood music for a key scene
  25. Write a letter to your readers – from a character
  26. Book week costumes from your readers
  27. Musical soundtrack for my book