My first book is coming…

Swallow Me, NOW!

I’m a little bit excited. Today is a special day – I’m launching the crowdfunding campaign for my first book: Swallow Me, NOW!

I’ve been working with Julieann Wallace from Lilly Pilly Press for the last year to get it edited and ready for publication and it’s nearly ready to go. We’re aiming for an October launch date so that I can celebrate my birthday with a book launch.

In order to fund publication, I’ve created a crowdfunding campaign through Pozible. If you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it’s a way of raising money for different projects. I see it as pre-selling books. If you want to learn a bit more about crowdfunding and publishing, my friend Julie Hedlund has a great series of blog posts starting at

[Read more…]

Back at school – not quite, but sort of…

Guidance from a teacher… sort of

Back in October 2011, I wrote a post about how I wished I was back at school. This had nothing to do with actual school, but more to do with having the guidance of my English teachers in developing my writing.

I have some good news. I have been working with an editor on the chapter book I wrote during the 2013 Chapter Book Challenge and, in many ways, it’s been like working with my old English teachers. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. [Read more…]

Adjusting the gender balance

Adjusting the gender balance

I’m in the editing phase for Sam’s Solution, taking into consideration the different feedback I’ve received from both critique partners and a manuscript critique.

One of the comments I received was that there weren’t enough boys in the story. Even though it’s sent in a co-educational primary school, boys don’t feature much in the story. I’m now working out how best to address this imbalance. [Read more…]

A productive day today

A productive day today

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia. It is the day we remember those who fought and died in wars. It is also a public holiday.

I had been hoping to go to a dawn service this year, but it didn’t happen. Instead we watched the Dawn Service from Gallipoli and a place in France (I can never remember how to spell it). [Read more…]

Does this look like part of a gadget?

Part of a gadget?

This afternoon, I had fun reading Sam’s Solution, the story I wrote for this years Chapter Book Challenge, to my boys. They loved it. Mr Z said at a few places “Mummy, that sounds like what really happened to me”. There are still a few parts that need work, and one was filling in the name of an item Sam takes to school. She tells the bully that it’s part of a gadget for an evil genius.

We then had fun going through my parents display cupboard for an item that can fit the bill so I can write it in to the story. The boys decided that a brass oil lamp would be the thing – see the picture on this post. I’m sitting on this a bit to make sure it’s the right thing. It was that or a brass belt buckle with Nepalese script on it. [Read more…]

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