A-Z – Ideas

Where do ideas come from?

One of the most common questions I’m asked the young writer’s in the group I run at the library is: Where do ideas come from?

For me, they come from all sorts of places!

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Dreams to novels?

Dream to a novel...

Dream to a novel…

A few days ago, I had a dream. When I woke up, I thought “Wow, that would make a great novel”!

There were some really strange elements to the story, but the main arc of the dream has potential, with a bit of work. The main character was there, along with parts of her story.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream like this. I have notebooks of ideas that have come from dreams. The good ones, the ones worth pursuing, often come up over multiple nights.

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ABC – Day 9 – Ideas for your book

Where did you get your idea?

Where did you get your idea?

Describe how the idea for your book first came to you. Where were you? Who was the first person you told? How did they respond?

For my chapter books, the ideas come to me at different times, from different experiences.

With Swallow Me, NOW!, the idea started with a snippet. I had written a picture book called My Mummy is Evil and wrote a snippet with the main character telling her classmates that her mother is an Evil Overlord. When the Chapter Book Challenge came along, I used that snippet and built the story around it. My kids were the first people I told, and they loved the idea, especially as some of the scenes are based on things that happened to them. [Read more…]

Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?

At Monash Writers last week, we had a discussion on the topic “Good writers know themselves”. As part of this, we were asked who inspires us and given a few minutes to write it down.

I sat for a while, struggling as no one came to mind… [Read more…]

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