A-Z – Goals

We all have goals

This may seem obvious, but we all have goals. For those of us who are writers, it’s no difference. I know one of my goals is to make an income from my writing and books.

If I’m completely honest, that goal seems really, really far away!

Back when I ran my business, we were told by a number of different people that it was great to set huge goals, but then, to make them more achievable, we needed to break them down into bite size pieces.

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ChaBooCha Lite – Wrap Up

Inspiration for the two books I'm currently editing

Inspiration for the two books I’m currently editing

It’s October 1, and that means ChaBooCha Lite is over for another year.

For this challenge, I decided to use it for editing. I am currently working on two new stories for the Green Oaks Primary School series and needed to get it done.

When I started, my goals were:

  • Edit my football themed story
  • Edit my Rubik’s Cube story
  • If time, write a new story

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ABC – Day 1 – Goals

My goals for Author Blog Challenge

My goals for Author Blog Challenge

A couple of years ago, I participated in the Author Blog Challenge and learned a lot about social media and how I can use it as an author. I learned a lot (you can read my posts here). I’m pleased that the Author Blog Challenge is back. The first prompt is:

What are your goals for the Author Blog Challenge? Do you want to introduce new readers to your writing? Increase traffic to your blog? Get in some extra writing practice? Share your very important message with the world? Use your first post to talk about why you joined the ABC, what your goals are, and what you hope to learn from the experience. In short, let your readers know that you’re participating in the ABC and why. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 6 September

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a weekly goals post. My writing got pushed to the side for other commitments, but now I’m back.

September marks ChaBooCha Lite, and I’m using it to get my editing done. If there’s time, I also want to start on a new story, but the editing is my highest priority.

Last week, I finished the editing on the first of my two manuscripts. This week, I want to read through it one more time before I send it back to my editor. I’ve identified a couple of things that still need to be written, but the story is shaping up nicely. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 10 August

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

Can you believe it’s Sunday already? I can’t. This week has gone by so quickly.

Here are my goals from last week. There were a few things that have been added to my normal weekly timetable that I hadn’t expected when I created them. My editing didn’t progress as much as I wanted, but it is progressing. I did the blog posts written for here and my author site, though the other posts didn’t get completed, but they are planned. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 3 August

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

It’s check in and goal time for the week. Sharing my goals here helped a lot during the week as I had a list to refer to as well as knowing that I was posting again this week I had given myself a deadline to get things done.

If you missed it, you can read my goals for last week here.

How did I go? I got all my blog posts written. You can read my post on Christian Writers Downunder here, and my post on my author site here. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 27 July

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

You may have seen my post the other day about needing motivation to get my manuscripts edited. After looking at different things, I’ve decided to do an experiment on my blog and post my goals for the coming week on a Sunday afternoon in the hope of being kept accountable, and get my manuscripts done!

If you’re feeling brave, you can join in and add your goals in the comments and we can all work together to achieve our goals. [Read more…]

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