Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge #ChaBooCha #NaNoWriMo

Friday Five

Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge

I’m currently doing ChaBooChaLite, which means I’m in the middle of editing/writing a new book. There are many other challenges around, including NaNoWriMo, to help authors get those drafts written.

If you have a blog too, how do you keep it going while you’re in the middle of a challenge? Here are five tips to help you. These tips also apply if you’re taking some time away to finish a draft or get your book ready for publication. [Read more…]

Where to research?

Places to Research

As part of my planning for the Author Blog Challenge, I accidentally came up with a plan for a new information site… one of the features there is Friday Five. I thought I’d still do that here.

So, here is my first Friday Five post. I’m doing quite a bit of research for my Jimmy James stories. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to go. I’ve found a few fantastic resources recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. [Read more…]

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