Setting a goal – and a deadline!

My 13 year old at Melbourne Cube Days 2015

My 13 year old at Melbourne Cube Days 2015

Earlier this year, my 13 year old attended the Australian Nationals 2015 run by Speedcubing Australia. He had an amazing weekend, and a few weeks later, took part in the Melbourne Cube Days 2015.

Following these, we were talking about books and whether there were any books that featured kids who cubed. We went looking, but couldn’t find anything! So, my 13 year old has set me a challenge – write some!

I have written one book so far. Cubing for Chronic Fatigue is about a boy called Tony who uses his cube to raise money for the Chronic Fatigue Association after his little brother is diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. It’s part of my Green Oaks Primary School series and we’re hoping to release it early in 2016.

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