Cubing for CFS – Crowdfunding update

Cubing for CFS - update

Cubing for CFS – update

Welcome to the first Crowdfunding update for Cubing for CFS. The campaign has been going for just over a week, and is off to a slow start. There are still 20 days to go, so we can still get there.

To date we have 9 amazing supporters. A huge thank you to Julie, Leisl, Filbert, Karin, Nola, James, Damian, Greg, and Edbert for their support.

If you missed it, you can read the story that inspired Cubing for CFS here. Remember, that 10% of all money raised goes to Emerge Australia to help continue their work with ME/CFS.

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The Story Behind the Story… #crowdfunding

The story behind Cubing for CFS

The story behind Cubing for CFS

You may have noticed that I’ve launched the crowdfunding campaign for my next book, Cubing for CFS. You can see the campaign and support it here. This is the next story coming from Green Oaks Primary School, and is inspired by a true story.

The story that inspired this book began two years ago when my then nine year old came down with glandular fever. Initially, I thought it was a bad cold and he was just being melodramatic, but it got much worse and we were recommended to take him to hospital where they diagnosed glandular fever.

We were told that because he was nine, he would bounce back in a couple of weeks. It was three weeks before the school holidays, so we thought that with five weeks off school he would be back to normal…. we were wrong!

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Friday Five – Supporting Crowdfunding campaigns

Friday Five

Friday Five – Support a crowdfunding campaign

If you haven’t heard the news already, I launched my latest crowdfunding campaign last night. I have a number of friends who have also used crowdfunding as a way to publish their books.

For me, crowdfunding is a way to get pre-sales of your book. Your friends, family and fans can order a book along with other great rewards.

If your favourite author is running a crowdfunding campaign to publish their next book, here are some ways you can support their campaign: [Read more…]

Kids need diverse books….

Need for diverse books

Need for diverse books

There’s a campaign called We Need Diverse Books. I hadn’t thought much about it until recently when I read a post by Michelle Worthington. You can read her post here. You see, when I thought about this campaign, I thought of picture books and, as I don’t write picture books, I didn’t pay too much attention… I’m sad to say.

The thing that struck me with Michelle’s post was her talking about making sure there were books that reflected modern kids in all their weird and wonderful interests and quirks.

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ABC – Day 33 – What’s Next?

My next book

My next book

What is/will be the subject of your next book?

My next book has the working title of Cubing for CFS. It’s based on a true story.

My 11 year old son has myalgic encephalomyelitis, more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). He was diagnosed on February this year. My 13 year old loves solving a Rubik’s cube and organised a fundraiser at his school to raise funds and awareness of CFS at his school. He raised over $200 for Emerge Australia.

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Give a kid (or a library) a book

Give a kid a book to read

If you’ve been looking at my crowdfunding campaign, you’ll see that there are options to get a book for yourself and a book for a friend. In the notes I say that if you don’t have someone to give the book to, I’ll be happy to donate it to a school or library. I have also suggested to a few friends, mostly those without children, that if they want to support my campaign but don’t want a copy of the book, I’ll be happy to donate that book too. The current tally of books to be donated is 6, and I would love this to grow. [Read more…]

Thank you all for your support so far

Thank you so much

I just wanted to take some time to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has supported the crowdfunding campaign for Swallow Me, NOW! so far. At the time of writing this post, we’re a bit over the $900 mark.

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Why hot chocolate?

Why hot chocolate?

I’ve had a couple of people ask me why hot chocolate features in some of the rewards in my crowdfunding campaign.

The answer is simple. In Swallow Me, NOW! Sam often comes home from school and talks about her day over a mug of hot chocolate, usually in her favourite, slightly chipped, mug. Each time she has hot chocolate, they have marshmallows and Sam likes to lick the remnants of melted marshmallow out of her mug with her fingers. [Read more…]

Writing “Swallow Me, NOW!”

Chapter Book Challenge 2013

Back in 2012, I joined the first Chapter Book Challenge, and have been an active participant ever since. The first draft for Swallow Me, NOW! was written during the 2013 challenge, with the working title of Sam’s Solution.

I’m not entirely sure where the idea for Sam came from, but it was something that just flew. Using the site, most of the draft came together during my lunch break, one chapter a day for 2 weeks. The first draft was around 10,000 words and it was very rough, but it had good bones. [Read more…]

My first book is coming…

Swallow Me, NOW!

I’m a little bit excited. Today is a special day – I’m launching the crowdfunding campaign for my first book: Swallow Me, NOW!

I’ve been working with Julieann Wallace from Lilly Pilly Press for the last year to get it edited and ready for publication and it’s nearly ready to go. We’re aiming for an October launch date so that I can celebrate my birthday with a book launch.

In order to fund publication, I’ve created a crowdfunding campaign through Pozible. If you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it’s a way of raising money for different projects. I see it as pre-selling books. If you want to learn a bit more about crowdfunding and publishing, my friend Julie Hedlund has a great series of blog posts starting at

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