Friday Five – Tools for a Challenge #ChaBooCha

Five essential tools for a challenge

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’ll know that I’m in the middle of the Chapter Book Challenge.

This week, I thought I’d share with you five of my essential tools to get the writing done.

  1. Note book – this is something I carry with me everywhere. As it’s not possible to take a month off work, ferrying kids to after school activities and everything else to do with life as a working, writing mother, the notebook is an essential tool to capture those elusive ideas that come at inconvenient moments. [Read more…]

Chapter Book Challenge – Week 1. #ChaBooCha

Week 1 – ChaBooCha

It’s the end of the first week of the Chapter Book Challenge 2014. How have I gone? Pretty well.

Last weekend we had an amazing time at the Chapter Book Writing Workshop. I have pages of notes to implement in my own writing, and I’m still blown away by the generosity of all the presenters.

The Chapter Book Challenge blog has had a couple of great articles. I found the post about outlining your story particularly useful as it fits more with what I actually do than a lot of other articles I’ve seen. The first prize for 2014 has also been awarded. I didn’t win, but I know there are other prizes on offer… [Read more…]

Chapter Book Challenge – First weekend . #ChaBooCha

Chapter Book Challenge – First weekend

It’s been an amazing start to the 2014 Chapter Book Challenge.

Yesterday, we had the Chapter Book Writing Workshop at the Monash Library in Oakleigh. We had 20 participants for a full day workshop with Sherryl Clark, Michael Wagner and Julie Grasso.

All three speakers shared some fantastic tips about writing chapter books, from plotting to characters to creating villains. They were all generous with their tips and support for new writers and I have some new books to read that have been signed to my boys (but I think I’ll read them first). [Read more…]

Two more sleeps…

Only two more sleeps…!

OK, I admit it. I’m a little bit excited about the Chapter Book Challenge this year. There are only two more sleeps to go!

There are a number of reasons for my excitement. These include:

  • Chapter book writing workshop – this year in Melbourne we have an amazing workshop to kickstart the challenge. Last I checked there were 19 people booked in!
  • [Read more…]

Chapter Book Challenge – one week to go… #ChaBooCha

Chapter Book Challenge – 7 days to go

This time next week, I’ll be starting the 2014 Chapter Book Challenge. I can’t wait.

2014 is the third year I’ve participated in the challenge and it’s been incredibly rewarding. Not only have I completed manuscripts, but I have also met a wonderful group of writers from around the World, all who are passionate about writing books for primary school age kids.

[Read more…]

Something I never thought I’d never be researching…

Never thought I’d be researching this…

There’s only two weeks until the 2014 Chapter Book Challenge starts, and I’m ready. This is a great feeling as the last two years, I didn’t get an idea until after the challenge officially started.

In preparation, I’ve been researching as part of this story is something I have little knowledge about – Aussie Rules Football! More specifically about umpiring.

I have contacted the AFL with questions. I must say that they have been amazingly helpful with answering my questions. I have also been to the library to borrow other chapter books that involve Aussie Rules Football. These have been pinched by my 12 year old who is footy mad… but I will get them back so I can read them. [Read more…]

Why I write Chapter Books for kids

Chapter books for kids

I love books for kids – picture books and novels. That is probably one of the reasons I like writing them. It was quite a shock when I had my kids, and I couldn’t find books for them to read. This is in a house full of books.

Let me explain.

My younger son, Mr Z, decided he could read half way through term 1 of Prep. He wasn’t even five and a half and he was already reading fluently. He would read the back of a cereal packet – and did! He found his school readers boring and doing his reading every night was a battle. I can see his point – there are only so many times you can read Cat Sat on the Mat, or similar. [Read more…]

Reflecting on 2013

Reflecting on 2013

Reflecting on 2013

I know it’s not quite New Year’s Eve, but it’s close enough. I have a few minutes to sit down and reflect on 2o13 and what I have achieved. When I sat down to write this post, I thought I’d written a post with goals for the year, but I hadn’t.

A few things happened this year, I’ll try and go through them as much as I can. [Read more…]

The Case of the Missing Manuscript

The case of the missing manuscript

Yesterday, I had some quiet time in the afternoon – perfect for doing some editing and writing some blog posts. I had only one problem – I couldn’t find my manuscript!

I had printed it out so that I could edit it, sharp pencil in hand to make any changes that needed to be made. Mr Z then went and got his hands on it, because he wanted to read it! He read it quite quickly, picking up errors on the way, then kept it in his room! I searched all around the place for it, not realising he still had it. Mr N has been wanting to read it as well, but has been sidetracked with the cricket. [Read more…]

Jingle Bells – now available

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells: now available

Something exciting happened over night. The Kindle version of Jingle Bells: Tales of Holiday Spirit from Around the World went live on Amazon!

To say I’m a little bit excited is an understatement.

I have three stories in this anthology:

  • Where are the bells – what happens when the bells for the reindeer can’t be found?
  • Aussie Jingle Bells – a little boy rewrites the words of a classic Christmas song to better match his experiences
  • A Little Bit of Peace – a girl copes with a busy Christmas day

These stories are among 33 stories and 5 poems from authors around the World.

The print version isn’t far away either. I’m looking forward to getting them ready to give as Christmas presents.

You can get your Kindle books at:

If you’re in Australia, pre-order your print copy from my shop.

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