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I was thinking about a topic for B – bookmarks was the obvious one, but most authors will use that. So I thought I’d blog about blogging!

I started blogging way back in the early days, before it was a “thing”. The earliest blog post that I’ve been able to find was in 2008! I have blogged about parenting, running a small business, writing, reading, life, and all sorts of things.

One question I see in a lot of writer’s groups is: Do I have to have a blog?

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Leave comments on blog posts

Comment on blog postsIf you’re anything like me, you follow a lot of different authors and writing sites, as well as blogs to do with areas of interest, and you read a lot of blog posts.

One thing that I have been trying to do lately is to comment on more of these posts, especially when the blogger makes it easy to do so.

Many blogs don’t require commenters to log in or subscribe to comment, and they allow you to include your name and URL when you comment. I’ve found that I often get people clicking through to my site when I comment.

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Be a Regular Guest Blogger

Regular Guest BloggerThis weeks marketing tip doesn’t take any money, it just takes a bit of time, and it could take a bit of hunting.

Sharing some of your expertise by being a regular guest blogger can help you to grow your author platform. Currently, I am a regular guest blogger for three different blogs. The frequency of the posts varies, but it’s a task I enjoy and can help to promote me as an author.

The blogs I regularly contribute to, I found through Facebook I’m a member of. It started when the blog owners did a call out looking for contributors and I replied. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I had anything to share, especially as I hadn’t published a book at the time, but I figured I’d give it a go. I’ve now been doing this for nearly 2 years.

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Looking to 2016….

Plans for next year

Plans for next year

Recently I read a great blog post by KA Last about making blogging work for you. You can read the article here. The questions at the end have been thought provoking, leading me to think about my own blog and what I want out of it.

I started this blog in 2011 as a way to share my writing journey and to keep me accountable for the things I was writing. Little did I know how it would evolve.

Since starting this blog, I have shared a lot about my writing journey, things I have learned about publishing and promoting books, participated in writing and blog challenges, and a whole lot more. There are over 500 posts that have been written and published in that time. I have also published my first book and had flash fiction stories published in a number of anthologies.

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Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge #ChaBooCha #NaNoWriMo

Friday Five

Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge

I’m currently doing ChaBooChaLite, which means I’m in the middle of editing/writing a new book. There are many other challenges around, including NaNoWriMo, to help authors get those drafts written.

If you have a blog too, how do you keep it going while you’re in the middle of a challenge? Here are five tips to help you. These tips also apply if you’re taking some time away to finish a draft or get your book ready for publication. [Read more…]

New Book: 52 Blog Post Ideas

52 Blog Post Ideas

52 Blog Post Ideas

I’m excited to announce the publication of my latest book: 52 Blog Post Ideas. This is the first in a series of eBooks with tips for authors, and is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

The idea behind these eBooks is to compile some of the tips that have been posted on this blog along with some fresh ideas and put them all in one place.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know I have been blogging for quite some time. A lot of authors are told that blogging is a great way to build a platform, but they have no idea what to write about.

I have compiled 52 ideas, one for every week of the year, to help authors get started. Whether you are new to blogging or looking for some fresh ideas, this is an eBook for you.

Get your copy on Amazon here.

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