The Gingerbread Ruin- #AMMC-DFQ

The Gingerbread Ruin…

This is my second story for the AMMC anthology. I wrote the first draft for the Flash Fiction Challenge I gave myself in September. The prompt is the picture in this post.

First up, the stuff that has to be there:

Story Title: The Gingerbread Ruin

Author Name: Melissa Gijsbers

eBook? Yes, and print if we get enough stories!

Genre: Family [Read more…]

A Magical Moment – #AMMC-DFQ

A Magical Christmas

Yes, it’s October and it may be a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but… this is a story for a flash fiction anthology. If they get to 50, this will be a print and eBook – so you may see a few posts in the next couple of days (the deadline is 29 October!). This story is based on a conversation with Mr N when he was nearly 3 and Mr Z was about to turn 1. Mr Zs birthday is 18th December.

First up, the stuff that has to be there: [Read more…]

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