WoW – The Mighty Rewrite

This weeks challenge is interesting. You can view the full challenge here, but the gist is to get the first paragraph of your favourite book and rewrite it.

I don’t have a favourite book, so I picked one of my sons favourite books – Zac Power Test Drive – Zac’s Wild Rescue. Basically any Zac Power book is his favourite & this one was on the top of the pile.

So, here goes…

Zac was in the school library. He had a science project to work on but he was bored. Zac didn’t like doing projects. He always left them to the last minute.

Jimmy James was bored. His homework was laid out in front of him, complete with a blank page to write on. Jimmy James didn’t like doing his homework. He always left it to the last minute.


Reminds me a bit of my 9 year old… lol


Write On Wednesdays


WoW – a single line

This weeks Write on Wednesday challenge is to come up with a single line. You can read the whole challenge here.

I’ve decided to go back to the awesome Jimmy James and the first story I wrote for him (and am still writing).

Jimmy James has some amazing socks.

The story continues that he hates changing his socks as they are so amazing. To read more, you’ll have to wait as the challenge is a single line. I hope you like it, any thoughts to make it a better opening line, I’m open to suggestions (the idea is to get this in a book for young-ish kids, around 7-8 years old).


Write On Wednesdays


Dangerous Days: A Digger’s Great Escape

Dangerous Days: A Digger's Great EscapeDangerous Days: A Digger’s Great Escape by Ernest Brough

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I met Ernest Brough as a “Living Book” at the Torquay Literary festival. It was quite a good book, though aimed more at kids than adults. It should be on book lists for kids in upper primary school as it gives some great information about WW2 as well as being an adventure story for boys. At the end of the book there was a timeline and information about WW2 that will help those who don’t know much about WW2, so prior knowledge is a help but not a must.

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Time for a walk

Off for a walk

It’s that time of the week again – Write on Wednesday.

This weeks topic was to go for a walk & write about it. I’ve been sick, so haven’t been out of the house much, even though the weather is beautiful. So, instead I wrote about an imaginary walk taken with a toddler. I hope you enjoy it.

I jump down the back stairs with two feet while Mummy closes the door and puts her keys in the pocket of her jacket. She takes my hand and we start walking. [Read more…]

Inspiration for stories

Inspiration for my stories

Inspiration from stories come from many different places. I was talking with someone the other day about my own story and my writing and about how I wrote a lot when I was in high school, even winning some awards for my writing.

In the 15 or so years since I finished high school, I haven’t done a lot of fiction writing, but have got a lot of experience I can draw on. For example, the stories from Accidental WAHM is drawn on the experiences of some of the Mums I worked with. [Read more…]

Spelling Words…

Jack's spelling test

This weeks exercise on Ink Paper Pen is using the word “Piqued”.

A state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity; a feeling of wounded piqued, piqu·ing, piques
1. To cause to feel resentment or indignation.
2. To provoke; arouse: The portrait piqued her curiosity.
3. To pride (oneself): He piqued himself on his stylish attire.

This is what I came up with, it’s a departure from the Jimmy James stories.

She looked down the list of spelling words her 7 year old was learning. Every Monday he came home with a list of spelling words to learn. Most of the words were set by the teacher, but the last three words were chosen by her son. The words he chose never ceased to amaze her.

“Jack, how did you choose these words?” She asked her son.

“I opened the dictionary and picked some words, and those ones had Q’s in them.” Jack had a tone in his voice that sounded like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“OK,” she replied hesitantly, “I understand Jonquil, after all, we have them growing in the front yard, but pique?” she questioned.

“But it’s a really cool word,” Jack replied enthusiastically, “It has cool meanings and my teacher couldn’t say it right!” he giggled.

“Fair enough.” She laughed along with him, “but, can you spell it?”

“Not yet,” Jack replied, “but that’s why I have to practice my spelling words.”

She smiled and left him to his look, cover, write, check exercises and went back to making dinner.


Write On Wednesdays


Jimmy James’ Scarf

Jimmy James learns how to knit

After having so much fun with the Ink Paper Pen writing challenge, I went searching for another one. I remembered that Leaf Journals has a story starter challenge each week. This week’s is My Greatest Achievement… Hand Made.

Jimmy James loved creating things. All his life he made bits and pieces out of whatever he could find. At different times of his life, he would make things out of different materials. When he was in Kindergarten, he used to make the most amazing box creations. Now that he was 9, his favourite material was Lego.

For Christmas and his Birthday, his family, knowing of his love of Lego, gave him numerous Lego kits. He happily built them following the instructions, but once they were built, he admired for a while, but soon got bored of looking at them on the shelf, so he would dismantle them and rebuild them in other ways, creating some of the most wonderful space ships and other machines.

He was keen to try new things, anything that was available to him. One night he watched his Mum as she was knitting a jumper for her little brother, and he asked her to teach him. Finding some knitting needles and wool, Mum sat and patiently taught him what to do.

Jimmy James was excited. Not only had he learned a new skill, but now he was able to make something special – a scarf for his favourite toy monkey, and a matching one for himself. For a little boy who usually couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes for fear of missing out on something, he would sit for ages, concentrating on getting the stitches just right. Even so, the scarf still ended up with a huge bulge in one end!

After what seemed like months, but was much closer to weeks, Jimmy James showed his knitting to his Mum. It was now long enough and he wanted to learn how to finish it. Mum cast off the stitches and handed him the finished scarf.

Puffing up just a little bit with pride, Jimmy James tied the scarf around his Monkey’s neck. Monkey looked really warm in his new scarf. Jimmy James couldn’t wait to start on the matching scarf for himself.

WoW – Character Study, Jimmy James

This is my first Words on Wednesday post – I thought I’d do it & see how it goes. I wasn’t sure whether to do a creative piece or just describe one of my characters – so I thought I would describe Jimmy James. Here goes – five minutes of writing!

Jimmy James is a character I created one night when I was frustrated about my boys not changing their socks. He is a 9 year old boy who loves his football and he is not great in Maths.

He has a little brother and lives with his Mum in a house with an open plan living area, one that is perfect for socks to make a mess! Their home has a large back yard, perfect for kicking the footy around.

He has short, brown hair and freckles on his face. His brown eyes have a cheeky glint that betray his wonderful sense of the absurd as well as his cheeky mind. He is slim and sporty.

Jimmy James is a mix of my two sons and some of their friends. With so much inspiration, there is the potential for a number of different stories about Jimmy James, his brother and their friends.


Write On Wednesdays


Write on Wednesdays…

Write On Wednesdays

I have just come across a really cool exercise called “Write on Wednesdays” over at inkpaperpen. I thought I’d give it a go – you never know what I’ll come up with…

It could be a lot of fun and it looks like a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Submitting to Publishers

Places to submit my manuscripts

As well as my kids book, I am in the process of writing a series of short stories that I’d love to have published as an anthology, or a series in a magazine, as well some non-fiction manuscripts.

One of my Facebook friends posted links to Manuscript Monday and The Friday Pitch. It looks like publishers are changing the way they are doing things! I’m posting them here as much to keep track of the links as anything else!

While my kids book won’t be part of this as they aren’t accepting picture story books in this way, my other manuscripts are likely to fit their lists – I hope! With the Accidental WAHM stories, I need to choose one that will represent them all. With the various non-fiction manuscripts, I will need to find a chapter to submit, especially as they are based on blog posts, so are fairly short.

It may take some time to get my submissions up to scratch, but it’s a start… as well as that, if I get one of those manuscripts accepted, then I’m more likely to get my kids book published too…

Anyway, wish me luck.

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