Alternative places to buy books

Where to buy books

When you think of buying books, you probably think of heading to your nearest bookshop or going online to sites such as Amazon. There are some other places you can go to buy books, especially if you want to discover some new authors. While you can also get second hand books at some of these events, I’m thinking more about new books that can be used as gifts.

Here are just a few ideas, if you have any others, please add them in the comments. [Read more...]

Writing a Scrib with Describli

Describli – fun writing exercises

It was a while ago now that I received an invitation to join a new writing site called Describli. They were looking for beta users. It was free, so I signed up. I figured I had nothing to lose.

I did a single piece of writing, then forgot about it for a while.

Since Swallow Me, NOW! has been completed, I’ve got back on the site and have had a lot of fun writing scribs and reading the pieces others have written. [Read more...]

Writer’s Reveal – Halloween

Halloween – scary

It’s Writer’s Reveal time again. This month the topic comes from Ashley Howland:

It’s almost Halloween…
Do you like scary stories? What characters scare you the most? How do you create a villain???
Pretty much anything scary for this month.

[Read more...]

Books for non-readers

Some people don’t read…

My grandfather tells us he has never read a book in his life. We know that’s not quite true as he used to read to us when we were kids, but there are some people who don’t read.

Last week, I posted about books being great gifts for Christmas. You can read the post here.

What if you have people on your list who aren’t readers? You wouldn’t want to get them the latest best-selling novel, so what do you buy? [Read more...]

Finally got my retreat

Got my retreat at last

Quite some time ago, I posted about planning my own writing retreat. I was surprised to see that post was done in 2012!

Since that post, I’ve been trying to find somewhere to go. It has been a bigger challenge than I expected, most places I looked at were for 2 people, and there have been other things on the weekend so it’s been hard to find a time to go. I finally got my opportunity last weekend.

It was all planned at the last minute – my brother and sister-in-law were going away and I offered to house sit for them. This had a number of advantages, including price, but I also had somewhere familiar to go. [Read more...]

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