Weekly Goals: 27 July

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

You may have seen my post the other day about needing motivation to get my manuscripts edited. After looking at different things, I’ve decided to do an experiment on my blog and post my goals for the coming week on a Sunday afternoon in the hope of being kept accountable, and get my manuscripts done!

If you’re feeling brave, you can join in and add your goals in the comments and we can all work together to achieve our goals. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Reasons to carry bookmarks with you at all times

Friday Five – Goodie Bag Fillers

Friday Five –Always have bookmarks with you

When I published my book, I got bookmarks printed so I could send one with every book, as well as use them for promotion. I can’t remember whether it was deliberate or not, but the bookmarks are single sided.

Recently, I’ve found that having bookmarks with me at all times brings up some great opportunities to spread the word about my books.

Here are five reasons I’ve found to carry bookmarks with me at all times: [Read more…]

Needing some editing motivation…

Need motivation to edit this book...

Need motivation to edit this book…

Please help! I have two stories for the Green Oaks Primary School series that are in need of editing, but I’m struggling to find the motivation.

I know what I need to do. The first has been through my editor and I have her comments. The second is in a much earlier stage, having just completed my first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo this month.

I have a plan for them, and deadlines, I’m just struggling with the motivation to get them edited, so I thought I’d reach out to my readers for their words of wisdom. [Read more…]

Keeping your book dry!

Keeping Your Book Dry!The week I started sending copies of Swallow Me, NOW! to those who had ordered copies through my crowdfunding campaign, it was raining heavily. I had bought cardboard envelopes from Australia Post in bulk and was worried that my books would get ruined with the wet weather.

I went searching for a way to keep my books dry. I know as a recipient of books how annoying it is to get a soggy book in my letterbox, so this was important. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Things to look for in a book cover

Friday Five

Friday Five –Book Covers

Today I welcome Susan Day to Friday Five

Five things to look for in a book cover:-

With so many books published a day and, in some cases, appearing immediately online it’s important to have a stand-out book cover. This is your customer’s first point of contact and will play a large part in whether they decided to click on your book and purchase it. I have been designing book covers for a few years now and I have learnt a lot on the way. These five tips should help you create a book cover with oomph and pizazz and save you a lot of money too! [Read more…]

Gift packs of your books

Create a Book Gift PackOften I look in book shops and see box sets of kids books with a picture book and a soft toy of the main character. For most of us, gift sets like this aren’t practical, however, we can come up with our own gift packs for special occasions, or for sale at all times.

The first gift pack I created was for the crowdfunding campaign for Swallow Me, NOW!

The book ends with the main character receiving a gift of a notebook, and hot chocolate features quite a bit. I made up a pack with a note book, pen and sachet of hot chocolate. I wrapped them in clear cellophane and tied it with ribbons. The ribbons I used were from the balloons we had at the book launch. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Book Launch Invites

Friday Five

Friday Five –Book launch invites

A book launch is pretty boring if no one comes, you need to invite people. How do you get people to come? You need to invite them…

For many people,they simply invite family and friends, however they are a great opportunity to invite people who are already your fans, and spread the word to people who aren’t your fans….. yet.

Here are five ways you can invite people to your book launch. [Read more…]

I’m Bored – School holiday activities

School holiday activities from authors

School holiday activities from authors

As I write, it’s half way through the second week of the school holidays here in Victoria. In other states, it’s the first week, and in the Northern Hemisphere I believe it’s the Summer holidays. It’s usually around this time in the holidays that parents start hearing those dreaded words:

“I’m Bored.”

Never fear – your kids favourite authors could come to your rescue. [Read more…]

Creating a mobile book shop

Create a Mobile BookshopThere have been a few times lately where I’ve found myself without any books on hand. This has meant lost sales as the people I was talking to may have forgotten all about me when they went home (though they may have looked me up on Amazon).

For a while, I’ve been meaning to create a mobile book shop so I can easily have books in the car at all times. I used to have a crate with books in it, but it wasn’t particularly sturdy. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Reasons to have a book launch

Friday Five

Friday Five –Reasons to have a book launch

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Friday Five…

I have two friends launching their books tomorrow. The first is Jemma Phillips with her book The Bucket Sheep, and the second is Julie Anne Grasso with her book Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage.

Book launches are a lot of fun, as well as work to put on, but they are worth it. For this week, I look at five reasons authors should have a book launch. [Read more…]

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