Role of siblings

Role of siblings in stories

The last few days, I’ve been taking advantage of quiet times when the kids have been playing with their Christmas presents to work on one or two manuscripts. These include the next book in the Green Oaks Primary School series as well as a couple of other stories.

One interesting issue that has come up in one of my stories is whether or not a character has any siblings. In the very first draft I wrote, the main character has a younger brother. After nutting out a few issues with the shape of the story, changing the younger brother to an older brother may cause some interesting conflict in the story. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas

[Read more…]

It’s CRAZY time!

Getting into the crazy time!

We are about to get into the craziest time of year, for us at least. Along with Christmas, Mr Z also has his birthday on December 18. It is also the end of the year for us in Australia and there are Christmas concerts, work Christmas parties, break up gatherings for different activities, and any number of other events for the end of the year.

Add to this editing book 2 in the Green Oaks Primary School series, a picture book, writing stories for different Christmas competitions, and promoting Swallow Me, NOW!, it all adds up to crazy time! [Read more…]

First round of edits is the hardest…

Snapshot of my edited manuscript

I’ve been busy editing book 2 in the Green Oaks Primary School series lately, and on the weekend I sent the latest draft to my editor for the first time. I have been through it about three times (it could be four, I didn’t keep track), but I knew it needed another pair of eyes to find areas for improvement. I got the manuscript back today and there are suggestions on just about every page. The picture is a snapshot of the corner of one of the pages.

I remember going through Swallow Me, NOW!, each round of edits had fewer comments than the last, and it was exciting to see the changes reducing through the process. [Read more…]

Writers Reveal – Starting Out

Getting started

It’s Writer’s Reveal time once again, and this time I set the topic: All writers start somewhere. What is the first ever piece of writing you had published?

My Mum has a trunk where she keeps treasures from my childhood (and my siblings). In there, she has the first book I ever produced. This was on bright red cardboard and was all about Nepal. This was made in around 1987 and I was probably 10 or 11. I know, this probably doesn’t count in my career as an author, but I used to love looking at it. [Read more…]

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