Friday Five – Record keeping

Friday Five - Record Keeping

Friday Five – Record Keeping

There are many things that a writer needs to know about. One of the “boring but important” topics is about record keeping. There are many records to be kept, and these are five that every writer should know about. If there are others you can add, please add them in the comments. All of these can be kept either in an electronic or paper form – whatever works best for you. [Read more…]

Chapter Book Challenge 2015 – Week 1 #ChaBooCha

Chapter Book Challenge 2015

Chapter Book Challenge 2015 – Week 1

Week one of the 2015 Chapter Book Challenge is over. How have I gone this week? Not too bad.

I have a number of ideas for books in the Green Oaks Primary School series floating around. There are a number of different characters and scenarios that are begging to be written.

The week started out with one idea, and I wrote three versions of the first chapter. None of them quite sat right. I decided to take Friday night off from writing to clear my head and get an early night.

The break seems to have done the trick as last night I started writing again, this time a different story that I had been playing around with last year. Chapter one is done and chapter two will be written today. This is another story that I’ve had a number of unsatisfactory starts, and I’m finally happy with it. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Self-Publishing Tips

Friday Five - Using Pinterest to help with your writing

Friday Five – Self publishing tips

This week, I welcome Adam Wallace to Friday Five.

Adam Wallace started his publishing journey by self publishing his books. His latest book, Accidentally Awesome, was also self published. Adam shares some of his tips on self publishing this week. [Read more…]

When your story starts one way….. #ChaBooCha

When stories go in another direction....

When stories go in another direction….

…but ends up going another.

After doing the Chapter Book Challenge since it began in 2012, you’d think I’d learned my lesson by now. Every year, I start out with a story in mind, and every year it ends up going in another direction.

Although usually it’s not in the first chapter! [Read more…]

March means just one thing – Chapter Book Challenge! #ChaBooCha

Chapter Book Challenge 2015

Chapter Book Challenge 2015

It’s the first of March, and that means just one thing – it’s Chapter Book Challenge time.

If you haven’t heard about it before, the Chapter Book Challenge is a month long challenge to write the first draft of a novel for primary age children in a month. In many ways, it’s like NaNoWriMo, but there are no word limits. Novels for primary age children vary in length depending on which category they fall in. For example, early readers can have as few as 200 words! For a break down of word counts, click here. There are also YA novels being written.

The Chapter Book Challenge was how I wrote the first draft of Swallow Me, NOW! [Read more…]

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