I have four blogs!

4 blogs!!

Yes, that’s right – at last count I had 4 blogs!

Each blog has a different theme and different template. And there are a couple more mini, niche blogs being planned.

  1. Business Mums Blog – I started this blog in 2008 sharing tips for Aussie business mums. It has recently undergone a face lift and restarted after a few months break.
  2. Down with Super Mum – my “Mum” blog with thoughts on life and parenting. I started this one a couple of months ago after a bad day trying to be “Super Mum” and I’d had enough! It was originally a place to vent & share other stuff in my head, and quite a few people read it!
  3. Accidental WAHM – a place for my fictional stories about work at home mums (WAHMs). Somewhere to put them up so people can read them
  4. This blog – of course. I guess this is a place about me to promote my other blogs and just put other stuff that doesn’t fit on the other blogs!

So, there you have it – I have 4 blogs! It looks a bit odd now that I’ve written it down like this… oh well. What can I say, I love writing, I have ideas flying around in my head and blogging is a way I can get it out there.

I hope you enjoy my blogs!

I have a confession


I have a confession to make – I have been missing blogging! I have started a “Mum blog” at Down with Supermum, but I have missed sharing business tips. I have had a couple of great months break, but it’s now time to get back in to it again.

A couple of things I loved doing was a Marketing Monday post with marketing tips and the Friday Five, which were 5 tips on whatever small business issue I could think of.

It’s surprised me how much I missed sharing these tips! So, I’ve decided to start blogging again! I am going to be rebranding my blog at Business Mums Blog and go from there.

I’m still working out what to put here…

Hello world!

Hello World!

It’s time for me to have some fun!

I love coming up with ideas, and writing. I’m in the process of writing some books and articles, and this is my central website for all of them.

Have some fun with me 🙂

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