Claiming my space?

Claiming my space?

Today, I read an excellent post about claiming my space as a writer. I read the post, nodding all the time.

I dream of the day I can quit my day jobs and just write. I also justify the time I’m not writing – I have to work, look after the kids, I’m tired, the housework needs to be done… and many more.

After reading the post, I have been mulling over what it would look like to claim my space. I suppose the first step for me is signing up to study creative writing and really learn my craft. It is terrifying as it means I need to start taking my writing and my dream of being a published author seriously.

When I was 18, I tried to get a picture book published, and it didn’t happen. I know now why that was and the manuscript needs A LOT of work. The however many years it’s been since then has meant that I have grown up a lot and experienced life to draw on.

I’m also going to make it a priority to write every day. Even if it’s a snatched half hour during my lunch break, or ten minutes while waiting for the kids to come out of school. It will be a priority to get writing.

So, now I’m claiming my space too 🙂

Planning time…

Doing some planning

One advantage of my old blog being offline and blogging here is that it gives me a chance to do some planning to make this blog a bit more interesting and useful.

So, here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Tools, probably on a Tuesday (Tuesday Tools?) – sharing some of the books and resources I use in my writing.
  • Guest posts from some of my writer buddies. Some are published and some aren’t. I’m thinking of asking them to share some of their tips for great writing, favourite books, or something else.
  • Writing snippets, just because you all really like them… and it’s a great way to show off! I also want to get back into Write on Wednesday and other writing exercises.
  • What I’m reading, books, websites, whatever. Some of what I read is light and fluffy, others more deep and meaningful, however I read what I can…

What do you think? You are reading it. Is there anything else you might be interested in?


My journey to be an author

My other writer site is down, and I’ve been getting impatient… I’ll move posts back when it’s back up.

If you read my other blog, you know that I have a dream to be a published author. It’s been there since I was in high school. Back then, being an author was not an acceptable career goal, so it was shelved until I “rediscovered” creative writing last year.

Recently, I applied to study Creative Writing at Tabor College in Adelaide. Well, today I received confirmation that I’ve been accepted!! It’s quite scary – in some ways it means it’s time to take my writing seriously instead of simply dabbling… it seems “real”.

Some other things have happened recently too. In March, I participated in the Chapter Book Challenge and wrote the first of my Jimmy James stories. My kids have been reading what I’ve written so far and the verdict is in – it needs to be longer. So I have more research to do about Magic Lanterns and their operators and what life was like. I love research.

I have also recently signed up to an Author Blog Challenge for next month. Another reason I want my site back up! Especially as I want to start scheduling some regular posts. With this challenge in mind, I would like to know what you would like to read about.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you 🙂

100 Books…

Top 100 books...

My parents have just been on holiday to a house with a lot of books. They came up with the idea of compiling a list of 100 books they would like to give to their grandchildren on their 21st birthday.

They don’t know if they will get them or not. The latest thinking is getting a Kindle and digital books.

The fun part, though, is compiling the list of 100 books. So far, we’ve got to 37 books…

We need some help! We have done searches on the top 100 books of all time, and they are all a bit different  from each other, and some of the books on these list we don’t think are that great.

If you were to give your top 100 books to someone for their 21st birthday, what books would be on your list? Please tell me up to 5 books and why they would be on your list.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

A very special visitor over Easter

This blog post is a little bit overdue… I misplaced my flash card reader (again!!).

Over the Easter weekend, we had a very special visitor. Punxutawney Phyllis came all the way from the US, via New Zealand and Eastern Melbourne to spend the long weekend with us as part of her World Tour.

Phyllis receives a warm welcome from Jazz

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Research tip – hit your local library

Help with your research

I have been working on a story for Jimmy James about Magic Lanterns. This has involved a lot of research and quite a bit has been happening via the Internet.

Doing a Google search can be a bit hit and miss at the best of times and I couldn’t find the information I was looking for. [Read more…]

Using Pinterest for Writers – or how I use Pinterest

For ages, I’ve seen people on Facebook become obsessed with Pinterest. Most of these people are bloggers, but others also jumped on the obsession.

A while back, I joined Pinterest too. You can follow me here. For ages my boards were empty… I really didn’t know what to do with it. Then it hit me.

Story starters!

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Welcome to Good Friday

Today is Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. I know it’s not Wordless Wednesday… but I’m going to leave it at that.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Top 5 Book Characters

Top 5 story book characters

I’ve been tagged – by the awesome Chris Allen on Facebook, inviting me to join in a blog challenge to list my Top 5 Book Characters. You can read his list here.

This is hard, but not one to shy away from a challenge, I thought I’d give it a go…

1. Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh – such a wonderful, melancholy character, and one that I’ve loved since childhood. There aren’t too many characters like him around.

2. The Naughtiest Girl in School – I loved reading about her as a child and all the things she would get up to. As an adult, she sticks as a vague memory – I must look up the books and refresh my memory.

3. Phryne Fisher – I first discovered Phryne when Murder on the Ballart Train was first published and I heard Kerry Greenwood talk about her and the books. She was like no other detective I had read before – beautiful and clever and a strong character. I’m loving the TV series too, though they have made quite a few changes to the story…

4. Mollie Pride – a fun character from a “trashy” book I picked up at a book sale. She’s another strong female character. Set during the depression and second world war, we follow her journey as she grows up, including going behind enemy lines to rescue her sister.

5. Thursday Next – she’s a literary detective, keeping law and order in fiction. She’s the creation of Jasper Fforde, and is part of stories that are definitely “outside the box”. Look her up.

This has been a very hard list to compile, one that kept me running to the bookshelves! Not least as there are many, many more characters I love, and authors and stories. I guess I don’t really have any favourites… I have a favourite character (or two) in just about any book I read.

Who are your top 5 characters?

I won! I won!

I won!!

I’m just a little bit excited. My story, My Princess Wears a Superman Cape won the Princess Parade Flash Fiction Challenge.

OK, so I’m more than a little excited – I have been telling anyone who will listen. Not bad for a last minute, first draft of a piece I wasn’t sure that I’d write down!

That post is currently the most popular post on this blog. It’s been shared around Facebook and a lot of people who haven’t commented before have now added comments, encouraging me to develop this to a kids book.

My challenge with it now is to work out how to do that… there are bits that people like, such as adding the laser to her stash of weapons, that might be better told in pictures, but I don’t know about taking it out. Then again, if it’s more a story book than a picture book, I could leave it in?

Looks like I have some work to do here…

The other reason I’m so excited is it’s been around 15 years since I won a writing competition, making this even more special.

A huge thank you to Rebecca Fyfe for running this challenge, I had fun writing my piece and reading what everyone else has written.

Princess Parade Flash Fiction Challenge Winner

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