ABC – Day 30 – Movie of my book

When Hollywood calls...

When Hollywood calls…

If a Hollywood agent were to come knocking on your door with an offer to turn your book into a movie and told you that you could call all the shots, who would you have direct and star in it? Write the first paragraph of a glowing Rotten Tomatoes review of your film.

To be honest, if a Hollywood agent came knocking I would be completely surprised…. I would prefer someone from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation come knocking and offer to turn my Green Oaks Primary School books into a TV series.

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ABC – Day 23 – Meeting a character or reader

Nepalese food entree - eating with a character

Nepalese food entree – eating with a character

If you could meet one of your main characters or ideal reader anywhere in the world for coffee, drinks, dinner, or a caramel (tipping my hat to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting), who would it be, where would you meet them, and why?

This one was pretty easy. I would love to share a Dahl Baht (Nepalese food) with Sam from Swallow Me, NOW!. The ideal place would be back in Nepal, but I would be happy to go to my favourite Nepalese restaurant. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having Nepalese food with anyone, any time!

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ABC – Day 18 – Music

Music in your book

Music in your book

If there were one song that captured the meaning, spirit, message, energy, and or substance of your book, what would it be? How can you use that song or piece of music to market your book or enhance your readers’ experience with your book?

I can’t think of a specific song that captures the essence of Swallow Me, NOW!. However, there are a few songs that have strong messages about bullying that makes me think of this story whenever I hear them. If you have the time, listen to the songs, especially the lyrics (the music is good too). [Read more…]

ABC – Day 7 – Writers Block

Overcoming Writer's Block

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Do you ever experience writer’s block? What do you recommend to help overcome writer’s block? Any foolproof tricks that always work for you?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I do experience writer’s block. I have blogged about it here, and here.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned that writer’s block seems to happen most when I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. Where possible, I try to take a break from writing completely, and then find a challenge or a story to get my teeth into when things settle down. [Read more…]

ABC – Day 4 – Writing Role Models

Writing role models

Writing role models

Who are your writing role models? Whose writing has most influenced you? Who are your writing mentors?

I have always been encouraged to write, though not always overtly. My English teachers always encouraged me and helped my writing improve. My parents also encouraged me, especially when I was in high school, taking me to writing workshops and helping me enter awards. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Choosing bookkeeping software

Friday Five

Friday Five – Bookkeeping software

The last two days I’ve been at the Reckon Conference, learning a lot about bookkeeping, accounting, and aspects of business. Did you know that bookkeeping is one of the few words to have three double letters in a row?

One thing that stood out was a comment from one of the presenters who said “Choose the right tool for the job”.

I’ve written before about accounting software and how I chose what I did. Here are five things to help you choose the right accounting software for you and your books/writing. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 6 September

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a weekly goals post. My writing got pushed to the side for other commitments, but now I’m back.

September marks ChaBooCha Lite, and I’m using it to get my editing done. If there’s time, I also want to start on a new story, but the editing is my highest priority.

Last week, I finished the editing on the first of my two manuscripts. This week, I want to read through it one more time before I send it back to my editor. I’ve identified a couple of things that still need to be written, but the story is shaping up nicely. [Read more…]

Book Week at the Royal Children’s Hospital

A waste of kids books??

A waste of kids books??

This year, the first time since my kids started school, there have been no book week dress ups to do. This is because my older son is in high school and my younger son is currently homeschooled. Book week nearly passed us by completely. If it wasn’t for all the book week posts on Facebook, I may have missed it altogether… that’s until we turned up at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for a check up for Mr Z.

On arrival, we saw a couple of tables set up, covered in pages from children’s books. There were some books on display, and it was those that caught our attention. We were invited to sit down and the theme of Book Week was explained. This year, the theme is Books light up my life. [Read more…]

Weekly Goals: 10 August

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

Can you believe it’s Sunday already? I can’t. This week has gone by so quickly.

Here are my goals from last week. There were a few things that have been added to my normal weekly timetable that I hadn’t expected when I created them. My editing didn’t progress as much as I wanted, but it is progressing. I did the blog posts written for here and my author site, though the other posts didn’t get completed, but they are planned. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Using a Virtual Assistant

Friday Five

Friday Five – Using a virtual assistant

I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of tasks I would love to hand over to someone else. Not the writing side, but more the business side of being an author.

When I ran my own business, I used virtual assistants quite a bit to do tasks I didn’t have time to do, and I dream of the day when I can make use of them once more. A virtual assistant (or VA) is a bit like a right hand man, someone who can do the jobs you don’t have time to do, or simply don’t want to do.

Here are five tasks a virtual assistant can help you in your business of being an author: [Read more…]

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