Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. Despite what my kids think, I’m not over 1000 years old, just getting closer to 40.

Earlier this year I was talking with Julieann from Lilly Pilly Press and said that it would be really cool to celebrate my birthday with a book launch. She said “Let’s do it.”

While it’s not quite launched for today, my first book, Swallow Me, NOW!, is so close to being ready, it’s really exciting. Currently we’re at the proofing stage – making sure there are no typo’s and all the words are spelled correctly. Every time I go through it, I see something else! I’m sure it will get to the stage where we just say “That’s enough.” [Read more...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day – and a giveaway

Talk like a pirate

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s the day we do things like change our Facebook language from English to Pirate English (do it, it’s fun!), and say “Argh” and “You scurvy dogs” and other similar terms. That’s if we remember.

If you missed the news, the second Teapot Tales is now out and the theme this year is Pirates, Mermaids and Creatures of the Sea, what better day to have a competition to promote it?

This anthology has 26 stories from 17 authors around the World, each is unique and is sure to delight. They are all short enough to enjoy with a cup of tea, and make wonderful bedtime stories – although be warned, one story soon turns into six… [Read more...]

Writer’s Reveal – Dreams

Dreams coming true

It’s time once again for Writer’s Reveal. This months topic has been set by Becky Fyfe and is simply – Dreams.

I have some interesting dreams as I sleep, some that will make fantastic stories. Most recently I’ve had two that I think would turn into great romances – one set in World War 2, and the other is set in the Australian bush during bushfires. Somehow when I try to write down the dreams, they never quite come out as well as they did in my dreams… [Read more...]

Give a kid (or a library) a book

Give a kid a book to read

If you’ve been looking at my crowdfunding campaign, you’ll see that there are options to get a book for yourself and a book for a friend. In the notes I say that if you don’t have someone to give the book to, I’ll be happy to donate it to a school or library. I have also suggested to a few friends, mostly those without children, that if they want to support my campaign but don’t want a copy of the book, I’ll be happy to donate that book too. The current tally of books to be donated is 6, and I would love this to grow. [Read more...]

What I’ve learned…

What I’ve learned…

In this journey, I’ve done a lot of research about writing and publishing, building a platform and writing, among other things. For fun, I thought I’d start an occasional series of posts titled “What I’ve Learned…”

Generally I’ll put these posts up on Wednesday, and choose a topic that has some things that I’ve learned during my researching. They won’t come every week, however I’ll do my best.

If others want to join in, I might put up a linky so we can learn from each other. If you’re interested, let me know.

I’m scheduling a post to appear tomorrow and we’ll see where it goes from there. I hope you enjoy hearing what I’ve learned.

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