WoW – Tiny as Your Thumb

Thumbs up!

It’s write on Wednesday again. This weeks prompt is to imagine you are as tiny as your thumb. You can read the whole prompt here.

I started thinking about this and the idea for a children’s story came to mind… I don’t know if this will be the start of my March picture book for 12×12 in 12 or not, but I hope you like it…

As always, comments & suggestions are welcome. [Read more…]

WoW – Agent Chin-Wag

Eavesdropping from stairs

It’s Write on Wednesday again. For this weeks prompt, click here.

My kids inspired this story, with friends of my parents coming over & sharing stories. They were commenting on the stories that were being told!

“They’re talking about us!” Two little girls sat on the stairs, hands clamped over their mouths, eavesdropping on the dinner party below and trying not to giggle. They had been put to bed what seemed like hours ago. The smells of dinner, the clinking of glasses and the bursts of laughter from downstairs had driven them to their current perch, on the stairs, hidden behind the pot plant and the shadowy hallway. [Read more…]

Write on Wednesday – The stories a tree could tell

by Story.

It’s been a while, but it’s Write on Wednesday time again. The photo above is the prompt, for the full prompt, click here.

“Look at me!” the little boy called out from his vantage point among the roots of the upturned tree. “Mummy, look at me!”

He had a look of wondrous achievement on his face, as if he had just climbed Mount Everest. Against the twisted tangle of the grey roots, his bright red jacket stood out as he held on fearlessly with one hand and waved to his mother with the other hand. [Read more…]

WoW – 12 Days of Christmas

Reading Christmas stories

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. I’m excited this week as one of the two prompts was the one I suggested! Based on this, you would think I’d get my story up early, but this idea has been floating around all week & I’ve just had the time to write it up. I hope you enjoy it.

“Mummy, what’s a partridge, and why would anyone want to give someone nine ladies dancing?” Natalie knotted her eyebrows in confusion. She was reading one of the weirdest list of Christmas presents she had ever read.

Every year, Mummy would get down her box of special Christmas books. This was part of their Christmas tradition, the first weekend of December, or thereabouts, they would put up their tree and Mummy would get her books out. This was a special year for Natalie as she could now read the books all by herself. [Read more…]

Waiting for Santa Photos

Visiting Santa

Gary hopped from one foot to the other. He was excited and couldn’t stand still, and the line was moving slowly. He twirled around and spotted another child leaving Santa’s lap and another get on. His little brother strained to escape from the pram and his mum looked annoyed.

“Sit still, Zachary,” Gary snapped at his brother, “We’ll be there soon.” Instead of calming his brother, it had the opposite effect. They took another step forward.

Zachary was getting more agitated and Gary was getting more excited. “Come on Zachary, this will be fun,” enthused Gary. Zachary replied with a loud protest squeal. [Read more…]

WoW – Notre Dame de Paris

Candles through the eyes of a child

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. For details of this weeks prompt, click here.

Between now & Christmas, I am hoping to write some stories about different aspects of Christmas – just for fun 🙂 I hope you enjoy them.

“Oooh, pretty,” Sophie was in awe. There were candles as far as her four year old eyes could see, glittering in the darkness. Most candles were protected from the wind by a paper cup, giving them a magical appearance, and adding to their beauty. [Read more…]

WoW – The Saddest Thing I Ever Heard

Jack goes shopping

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. The prompt this week is The Saddest Thing I Ever Heard. After reading some of the sad stories people had written, I wanted to find something a bit happier. I hope this fits the bill.

To the untrained eye, Jack was a normal seven year old doing his Christmas shopping, browsing the aisles of the local cheap shop struggling with a too big basket. But Jack was on a mission.

He carried an important shopping list in his hand and there was an empty shoebox in the bottom of his basket.

“Ah, pencils,” he reached up to get a small packet coloured pencils from the hook. Jumping up he managed to knock the packet off the hook that was just a little bit too high. He got a small grey lead pencil out of his pocket and crossed off the words Something for school. [Read more…]

Sunshine in a Cup

A bit of sunshine in a cup

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. This week we have a writing prompt: “Bring me sunshine in a cup.” You can read the whole prompt here.

Sooti edged closer to the table. It was beautifully decorated and she had been told not to touch ANYTHING. Mum had placed every plate, glass, fork, knife and spoon in their place. They were shiny and the light from the candles danced of them. To her four year old eyes, it looked magical.

Her fingers started to move closer to a shiny, silver fork, the temptation too much, before something else captured her eye.

Turning away from the table, she focussed on the candles flickering near the windows, reflecting in the glass. They were in frosted glass holders. Sooti sat on her knees and admired the sight in front of her. Each one looked like Mum had captured a little bit of sunshine and put it in a cup, just for tonight.

I wrote this while waiting for the boys to finish choir. It was very interrupted, so I’m not sure how long it took. I hope you enjoy it.

Write On Wednesdays


A story challenge?

Story on Twitter...?

I’ve been toying with an idea for a while… Short stories seem to be my thing, and I also seem to be writing things one paragraph at a time.

So, I was wondering if a story could be written/published on Twitter – 140 characters at a time.

The idea would be to publish an ongoing story, rather than lots of 140 character stories, and set up a Twitter account (and possibly a blog, Facebook page, etc) for people to read the story.

It would certainly be an interesting exercise, but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in reading it. Also, whether I should continue with the Accidental WAHM theme, or try something else…

So, I thought I’d put it out there – what do you think of this idea/challenge? Do you think it would work? Do you have any suggestions for a topic or theme?

I look forward to your feedback 🙂

Jimmy James’ Scarf

Jimmy James learns how to knit

After having so much fun with the Ink Paper Pen writing challenge, I went searching for another one. I remembered that Leaf Journals has a story starter challenge each week. This week’s is My Greatest Achievement… Hand Made.

Jimmy James loved creating things. All his life he made bits and pieces out of whatever he could find. At different times of his life, he would make things out of different materials. When he was in Kindergarten, he used to make the most amazing box creations. Now that he was 9, his favourite material was Lego.

For Christmas and his Birthday, his family, knowing of his love of Lego, gave him numerous Lego kits. He happily built them following the instructions, but once they were built, he admired for a while, but soon got bored of looking at them on the shelf, so he would dismantle them and rebuild them in other ways, creating some of the most wonderful space ships and other machines.

He was keen to try new things, anything that was available to him. One night he watched his Mum as she was knitting a jumper for her little brother, and he asked her to teach him. Finding some knitting needles and wool, Mum sat and patiently taught him what to do.

Jimmy James was excited. Not only had he learned a new skill, but now he was able to make something special – a scarf for his favourite toy monkey, and a matching one for himself. For a little boy who usually couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes for fear of missing out on something, he would sit for ages, concentrating on getting the stitches just right. Even so, the scarf still ended up with a huge bulge in one end!

After what seemed like months, but was much closer to weeks, Jimmy James showed his knitting to his Mum. It was now long enough and he wanted to learn how to finish it. Mum cast off the stitches and handed him the finished scarf.

Puffing up just a little bit with pride, Jimmy James tied the scarf around his Monkey’s neck. Monkey looked really warm in his new scarf. Jimmy James couldn’t wait to start on the matching scarf for himself.

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