Share Sample Stories

Share Sample StoriesIf you’re anything like me, you have a stash of small pieces of writing that has been done for workshops, challenges, or just for fun. Use these stories as part of your marketing plan.

I have an Author Site, and I’ve decided to share a story on the first of every month. For purposes of this blog series, I’ve back dated the first story! You can read it here. This was one I have previously published on this blog and I’ve edited it slightly.

One of my aims is to showcase a variety of stories. They are stories that may have been published elsewhere, for example on my blog, or may have been written as a fun exercise. I figure they may be used as promotion for my writing.

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Friday Five – Flash Fiction for book preview & bonus

Flash fiction for book marketing

If you’ve been reading this blog in the last little while, you will know that I’ve been writing flash fiction lately and have had eight stories published in three anthologies.

I’ve also been thinking quite a bit about marketing fiction, including longer books such as chapter books and novels. Did you know that flash fiction can help you with our story? Here are pieces of flash fiction you can write about your story. [Read more…]

The White Dress – please help

The White Dress

Over the last few months, I’ve been writing a series of flash fiction pieces with the theme of “The White Dress”.

Each piece has a white dress in there somewhere. In some, the white dress is the focus of the story. In others, the white dress is mentioned in passing – as a prop or something in the background. The common thread of all these stories is the dress.

This all started when I saw a writing prompt of “Write about a white dress”. This has been a lot of fun and I currently have around 14 stories. I would love to get this up to 30+ stories so I can put together an anthology of these stories. But I need some help. [Read more…]

Reading flash fiction

Reading Flash Fiction – on a plane

Last week, the boys and I went on holiday to the Gold Coast. This involved flying on three planes as well as time waiting at airports. On Sunday 29th September, Mr Z and I went to the airport to pick up Mr N who was joining us after he played Auskick at the AFL Grand Final the day before. As happens, we were earlier than expected and the plane was late, so I went searching for something to read. Mr Z was happy with playing games on the iPad. [Read more…]

Secret Subject – Disney

Secret Subject

This month I’m trying something new. I’m joining with a group of other writers for a Secret Subject. To see the others involved, click here.

My topic was given to me by Emily Morgan and it is: Disney! So here goes… I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah had promised herself that she would never do this, never in a million years, yet she had gone back on all the promises she had made to herself and her husband.She had even been vocal, telling anyone who would listen to her on this topic, but today had been one of those days, in fact, it had been one of those weeks. [Read more…]

Aussie Jingle Bells

Surf’s Up for Christmas

It’s time for another writing contest. Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting her 2nd Annual Holiday Contest. This time, it’s based on Jingle Bells (read her post for the prompt).

Being in Australia, it’s hot for Christmas, and hearing songs about snow at Christmas is a foreign concept for us. With this in mind, here is my entry for the holiday contest. While you’re checking out the contest post, read some of the other wonderful entries. [Read more…]

Writing short stories…

Writing short stories…

Over the last few months, I have been writing many different things – short stories, chapter books, picture books, novels, even the occasional report for work! It’s been challenging and a lot of fun exploring these different styles.

One thing I’ve discovered is what I can write easily and what seems forced. The shorter pieces seem to flow much better than longer ones…

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Pinterest for the pre-published writer

Pinning can be useful…

Just for fun, last night I did a Google search on “Pinterest for Writers”. I saw a pile of blog posts, however most of them seemed to be geared more towards published authors.

A while ago, I did a post with how I use Pinterest. I hadn’t been using it very long at the time, and since then, there are some other ways you can use Pinterest to help develop your stories, especially while you are a pre-published writer.

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The Birthday Streamer

Follow the streamer

Susanna Leonard Hill is running a competition on her blog, to write a story for children about a creative or unique birthday party. You can read the details here.

My kids have had some unique parties – from an ice cream party to backyard science to a pirate party. But none of them fit for a picture story, especially not one for younger kids.

Instead, I thought of a creative way for a child to find his or her birthday presents. [Read more…]

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