Grown ups need diverse books too!

Diverse romance...

Diverse romance…

A little while ago, I wrote about kids needing diverse books. I’ve come to realise that grown ups need diverse books too!

As an escape, I enjoy reading romance novels. Most of the novels I read have main characters in their 20s who are looking for love. They are from many walks of life, live in a variety of countries, have varied backgrounds and jobs, and interesting family backgrounds.

I am in my 30s. I’ve been married, divorced, and have two kids. There have been a few books that I’ve read that have characters like that, however, I haven’t read many of them. If you have any that you can recommend, please, let me know in the comments.

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Friday Five – Discovering new authors when you don’t have a book buying budget

Friday Five

Friday Five – Discover new authors

I love reading, and read as much as I can. This has lessened recently between working, kids, and life. I always have a book or two on the go. While I have my favourite authors (this changes fairly regularly), I do enjoy discovering new ones. As much as I’d love to spend hours in the local bookshop buying new books, I simply don’t have the money, especially for a book I may or may not enjoy.

Here are five ways I’ve discovered new favourite authors without breaking the bank. With all of these ideas, I have since purchased books at full price, or had them given to me as gifts. [Read more…]

Book recommendations – from your kids!

BookrecommnedationsbykidsA few times recently, I’ve been stuck for books to read. That’s not to say that there weren’t books around (my To Be Read pile is actually a bookshelf!), it was more I didn’t know what to read next.

I decided to take a risk and I asked my kids to recommend books to me, which I promised to read.

Both kids jumped at the chance to choose a book for me. They chose books they had been bugging me to read for some time.

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