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Funding your self-published book

I have self published two books for children. Even if I hadn’t needed illustrations, I would still have needed to pay for an editor, cover designer, someone to do the layout, and print copies of my book. I know they can be done by authors, however I know I don’t have the skills for design, and anything I come up with won’t look as good as a professional can make it. And then there’s promotion!

Essentially, publishing a book costs money.

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Cubing for CFS – Crowdfunding update

Cubing for CFS - update

Cubing for CFS – update

Welcome to the first Crowdfunding update for Cubing for CFS. The campaign has been going for just over a week, and is off to a slow start. There are still 20 days to go, so we can still get there.

To date we have 9 amazing supporters. A huge thank you to Julie, Leisl, Filbert, Karin, Nola, James, Damian, Greg, and Edbert for their support.

If you missed it, you can read the story that inspired Cubing for CFS here. Remember, that 10% of all money raised goes to Emerge Australia to help continue their work with ME/CFS.

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The Story Behind the Story… #crowdfunding

The story behind Cubing for CFS

The story behind Cubing for CFS

You may have noticed that I’ve launched the crowdfunding campaign for my next book, Cubing for CFS. You can see the campaign and support it here. This is the next story coming from Green Oaks Primary School, and is inspired by a true story.

The story that inspired this book began two years ago when my then nine year old came down with glandular fever. Initially, I thought it was a bad cold and he was just being melodramatic, but it got much worse and we were recommended to take him to hospital where they diagnosed glandular fever.

We were told that because he was nine, he would bounce back in a couple of weeks. It was three weeks before the school holidays, so we thought that with five weeks off school he would be back to normal…. we were wrong!

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Friday Five – Supporting Crowdfunding campaigns

Friday Five

Friday Five – Support a crowdfunding campaign

If you haven’t heard the news already, I launched my latest crowdfunding campaign last night. I have a number of friends who have also used crowdfunding as a way to publish their books.

For me, crowdfunding is a way to get pre-sales of your book. Your friends, family and fans can order a book along with other great rewards.

If your favourite author is running a crowdfunding campaign to publish their next book, here are some ways you can support their campaign: [Read more…]

Kids need diverse books….

Need for diverse books

Need for diverse books

There’s a campaign called We Need Diverse Books. I hadn’t thought much about it until recently when I read a post by Michelle Worthington. You can read her post here. You see, when I thought about this campaign, I thought of picture books and, as I don’t write picture books, I didn’t pay too much attention… I’m sad to say.

The thing that struck me with Michelle’s post was her talking about making sure there were books that reflected modern kids in all their weird and wonderful interests and quirks.

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ABC – Day 31 – Best advice

Best advice

Best advice

What is the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received about the publishing process and/or what advice would you offer to a first-time author?

Since reading this prompt, I’ve been thinking about the advice I received, and I can’t think of any standouts as the single best piece of advice I’ve received. There has been so much great advice, and some that doesn’t really work for me…

I can think of something I would like to pass on to a first-time author, and this may have been passed on to me  at some point: [Read more…]

ABC – Day 25 – Book as a business

Book as a business

Book as a business

If your goal is to sell books, you must view your book as a business. In what ways do you treat your book as a business? Where could you improve? What resources could you leverage to improve your book business?

I have a huge long list of things I would like to do to improve my book as a business… the biggest thing I would like is time!

One thing I did a few months ago was to get some proper accounting software so that I could keep track of my income and expenses. It’s still a work in progress as I have a lot of transactions to add, but it’s getting there. At least I’m getting my invoicing done quickly!

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ABC – Day 22 – Blurb for my book

Blurb for my books...

Blurb for my books…

If you could ask anyone in the world to write a blurb for your book, who would it be? Why that person/people? How did/will you go about reaching them? Yes – really!

Swallow Me, NOW! has already been published, and I couldn’t think of anyone to write a blurb for this book, so I turned my attention to one of the books I’m currently working on.

Cubing for CFS is based on a fundraiser my 13 year old did earlier in the year to raise money and awareness about Chronic Fatigue. All money went to Emerge Australia. He solved the cube 65 times in half an hour and raised over $200!

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ABC – Day 20 – Publishing Format

Publishing format

Publishing format

Did you publish your book as a traditionally printed book, an eBook, an audiobook, or all three? How did you come to your decision? Which company(ies) did you use for printing, formatting, recording, editing, and distribution? How did you select them?

For Swallow Me, NOW!, I self published as both an eBook and a printed book. I would love an audiobook too, but I don’t have the finances just yet.

This book is aimed at primary school children, and most of them don’t have devices they can easily read books on. If they do have iPads, they use them more to play games than read books. With this in mind, it was important to have a printed copy of the book. [Read more…]

ABC – Day 17 – Biggest Surprise

Biggest surprise

Biggest surprise

What has been the biggest surprise about writing/publishing your book? What has been the most enjoyable or most memorable aspect?

I’ve been thinking about this since I read this prompt. At first I couldn’t think of anything, then it hit me.

One of the most surprising things about publishing my book and having others read it was how others related to my story! [Read more…]

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