Include a blurb

Include a blurb

Including a blurb on the back or inside cover of your book may seem like something really obvious, however it’s not something that everyone does!

Last week, we were in Paynesville, in Eastern Victoria, and I wandered into a shop. My eye caught the cover of some books that looked interesting. The titles were enticing, however, when I turned them over to see what the books were about, all that greeted me was a profile of the author and illustrator! I couldn’t find a blurb anywhere!

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Day 19 – If you were to take up mischief marketing…

Mischief Marketing

Mischief Marketing

Day 19 prompt is:

Mischief marketing is any form of nontraditional – and often outlandish – marketing. Leaving your bookmarks in similar books in a bookstore. Writing your title in chalk on a sidewalk that gets lots of foot traffic. Attending a ballgame dressed up as a character in your book. What kind of mischief marketing could you get up to in an effort to promote your book? The bolder the better. What would it take for you to work up the nerve to implement such a campaign?

Interesting prompt today. What have I done so far? I leave bookmarks wherever I can – cafe’s mostly. I have also left them in library books when we return them!

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Day 18 – Who’s your perfect marketing partner?

Marketing partner (OK, this was the only picture I had to do with market!)

Marketing partner (OK, this was the only picture I had to do with market!)

Day 18 prompt is:

Who would be the perfect person/company/organization to partner with to sell your book? It might be another author, a performer, a shop owner, a seminar facilitator, a teacher, etc. Pretty much, the answer to this question is limited only by your imagination. How will you reach out to that person/company/organization? What’s the hook for your pitch?

The answer to this question depends on the book!

For my Green Oaks Primary School series, my perfect partner includes schools and libraries so I can get the book in the hands of primary school kids. Though for 3… 2… 1… Done! my perfect partner includes cubing shops. It’s already stocked in one store!

Ideally, my books would be sold to libraries, including school libraries. I have been reaching out by getting to know librarians and then they order copies of my books! I also have the opportunity for people to buy a second book that can be donated to schools and libraries.

There is plenty that I could do to reach out in a larger way, but it comes down to time.

Right now, the limited time I have is mostly spent on writing a new story or two!

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Day 13 – What kind of contest could you hold?

Idea for a contest?

Idea for a contest?

Day 13 prompt is:

Contests are a great way to inspire interest in you as an author – and in your book(s). Social media is one way to host a contest – but the options are virtually limitless. What kinds of contests could you hold to generate the participation, buzz, and involvement of potential readers? What kinds of prizes could you offer – other than the obvious, a copy of your book?

I must admit that I love entering contests, and so do my kids. We’ve won all sorts of things from movie tickets to a huge box of popcorn to $500 cash! I have also won quite a few books through contests.

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Day 10 – Other things besides books…

More than just books...

More than just books…

Day 10 prompt is:

What ancillary product could you develop or create to sell along with your book? What steps would you take to design it? Who would you have to ask for help? How could you package it with your book to generate repeat sales, endorsements, referrals, or other promotions?

For my book, 3… 2… 1… Done!, the most obvious thing is to package the book along with a Rubik’s cube! There are quite a few cubing shops in Australia, and I’m sure we could do a deal so I could get some cubes to package with the book, however I’m not sure this would generate repeat sales…

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Day 9 – What’s your best NON-bookstore venue?

Selling through cubing shops!

Selling through cubing shops!

Day 9 prompt is:

What would be the ideal NON-bookstore venue for selling your book? Why? What is your plan to reach out to such a venue to ask about having them carry your book?

For my book, 3… 2… 1… Done!, my ideal non-bookstore venue is the cubing shops. As this is the first fiction book that features a speedcuber, this is is the best place to put the book so that other cubers can find it.

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Day 1 – Hook for a book

321-done-ebook-coverThe Day 1 prompt is:

Having a hook is one of the keys to successfully marketing your book. What is your 30-second elevator pitch? And whom would you most like to give it to?

Elevator pitches are something I’ve always struggled with, whether it’s to explain my books, or when I ran my own business!

Swallow Me, NOW! is the story of Samantha, a grade 5 girl who starts a new school and learns to deal with the school bully.

3… 2… 1… Done! is the story of Tony, a boy in grade 6. When he discovers his little brother is actually sick and not faking it, he decides to use his Rubik’s cube to do something to help.

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Fillers for Goodie Bags

Fillers for goodie bagsGoodie bags are often produced at events and are handed out to all the participants. They can be a wonderful opportunity to spread the word to potential readers.

The first thing to do is to identify the events that have goodie bags and potential readers. Look out for conferences, markets, fundraisers, open days, dinners, and so on. You can find out about them through associations, event organisers, networking events, and even keeping your eye out for opportunities on Facebook.

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Read your story

Read your storyThis is one marketing tip that may suit more picture books than other book formats, however for all of you who don’t write picture books, this could work for you too.

In general, a book reading would involve going to a book shop, library, or school to read your story to a group of kids. Often this is followed by a book signing. In order to book one, contact these venues and let them know you are available.

If you don’t write a picture book, there doesn’t seem to be as much demand for book readings, however there are opportunities for you to read your story to readers.

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Create and send an Email Newsletter

Send a newsletterLast week, my tip was to create an email newsletter list. Once you have a list, you will need something to send to it.

When planning your newsletter, decide how often you will send it. Do you want to send it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a purely ad hoc basis?

Once you’ve decided the frequency, then look at what you are going to include in your newsletter. What you include will depend on the purpose of your newsletter. For most authors, the purpose will be to let your fans know about your books.

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