Day 5: Prepare

Day 5: Prepare

It’s Day 5 of the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers challenge. The challenge today is to ship it. You can read the full challenge here.

The good news here is this is exactly what I’ve been doing this week – shipping out my drafts for feedback. The next step is making changes to my manuscripts and then shipping them out again.

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Prompt #6 – Idea for first book

Story based on tricks to stay out of bed

The sixth prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

Describe how the idea for your book first came to you. Where were you? Who was the first person you told? How did they respond?

The first book I ever wrote was when I was 17 and in year 12 at school. I wrote a picture book called Mikey’s Bedtime based on some of the cheeky things the kids I babysat used to do to stay out of bed at night.

It had a great rhythm to the words and it helped me get an A on my writing folio assessment task, and contribute to overall awesome marks for year 12 English.

I submitted it to quite a few publishers, but it was rejected. Time went by and my manuscript was left to gather dust in a drawer.

Last year I dusted it off again. As a parent, I know some of the things that were wrong with the story, not least there was no resolution to the issues the main character faced. I have started working on it again. It still needs work before I submit it again, but watch this space, I’m sure it will be published one day.

A little bit nervous…

I have butterflies in my tummy

A while ago, I wrote a story called “My Princess Wears a Superman Cape” that won a flash fiction contest. When writing it, I could see it as a picture book, and the comments on my piece backed it up.

My challenge was simple – turn it from a short story into something that could be published as a picture book. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

I had no idea where to start. Some lines that I love would have to go – like the one about adding a laser gun – as they would be better told in illustrations. [Read more…]

The Birthday Streamer

Follow the streamer

Susanna Leonard Hill is running a competition on her blog, to write a story for children about a creative or unique birthday party. You can read the details here.

My kids have had some unique parties – from an ice cream party to backyard science to a pirate party. But none of them fit for a picture story, especially not one for younger kids.

Instead, I thought of a creative way for a child to find his or her birthday presents. [Read more…]

12×12 in 12: March Update

Inspired by a letter

I thought it would never happen, but last night I finished my March story for 12×12 in 2012.

This one has been inspired by the Letter Writing Challenge I have going with my kids and the assumed knowledge we have that kids don’t have.

It is a very simple book, aimed at little kids, rather than my older kids and explains what a letter is. I know it sounds like a really simple thing that most people would know, however I realised before the challenge started that my kids had never received a letter, and it had been a long time since I had… mostly I get bills or cards in the mail. So that is what inspired this story.

I have other stories on the go, but they are not yet complete as a draft.

March challenge is done!

Protected: My Princess Wears a Superman Cape

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WoW – Tiny as Your Thumb

Thumbs up!

It’s write on Wednesday again. This weeks prompt is to imagine you are as tiny as your thumb. You can read the whole prompt here.

I started thinking about this and the idea for a children’s story came to mind… I don’t know if this will be the start of my March picture book for 12×12 in 12 or not, but I hope you like it…

As always, comments & suggestions are welcome. [Read more…]

Am I nuts?

Joining a marathon?

On Facebook, a friend told me about a Picture Book Marathon that is happening during February. The idea is to write 26 picture book drafts during February…

I’m wondering if I should sign up for this or not. I know that so far for 12×12 in 12 I have finished one draft and have another 3 on the go already! The ideas are coming thick and fast…

But, could I do 26 complete first drafts in one month? The kids will be back in school, but it means I’ll be back at work too…

Then again, this could be the push I need to get those pesky ideas out of my head an onto the page.

Can I do this, or am I nuts even considering joining this marathon? Over to you, what do you think?

Month 1 – COMPLETE!!!

Challenge 1 - complete!

OK, so it needs work, but it IS a first draft, and it’s complete!

It is rough, but, after all, that’s what a draft is – rough.

My kids are enjoying it and think it’s really funny, and I can see that an illustrator will have fun with it when it eventually gets published. Polishing is required before it gets to that stage, however.

It’s called “My Mummy is Evil.”

A huge Thank You goes to everyone who has offered suggestions on what makes a Mum mean, names for gadgets as well as things an evil genius would do. It has really helped.

So, one down, eleven to go.

I need some gadget names…

Need some names for some evil gadgets…

I’m about 95% through my picture book… I have one more cry for help…

I need some names for some evil gadgets for my Evil Genius.

If you have some ideas, please suggest some, I’m not that great at coming up with names! Ideas, yes, names, no.

And if you are feeling particularly creative, tell me what your gadget may do.

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