Replying to letters – too hard?

Is reply to snail mail too hard?

As part of the Jimmy James novel I’m writing, I want to record the replies JJ receives from those he writes letters to.

I’ve had a number of interesting discussions, both on Facebook and face to face with friends on the topic of replies.

The question I was asking started in regard to a cafe, then extended beyond that:

Would you reply to a snail mail letter written by a 9 year old boy?

Some people thought it would be too much hassle, putting it in the “too hard” basket, whereas an email would get a fast reply. Others were certain they would definitely reply to a letter with no hesitation.

To keep the story as true to life as possible, I’d like to get other people’s thoughts on this topic. Do you think people would reply to a snail mail letter? Why or why not?

Write on Wednesday – When the music is over

Jimmy James first challenge

It’s Write on Wednesday time. This weeks challenge is to choose a song and write for as long as the song plays.

My son is home today & he chose Jet Lag by Simple Plan. It’s only 3 and a half minutes long, so I played it twice! Also as I was changing fonts between the letter and the narration.

This is part of the Jimmy James story and is his first challenge. I hope you enjoy it.

He had just received a box in the mail containing his first challenge and an assortment of paper, envelopes, pens, cards, and anything else to help him write and send letters.

Jimmy James was excited by the box, but groaned at the thought of writing a Thank You note, especially in four paragraphs! But he was up for the challenge, he wasn’t one to let a challenge beat him.

He dug through the box and found a card with some flowers on the front. They were daggy and not to his taste, but he knew his Grandma would like it. He started writing:

Dear Grandma,
Thank you for the socks you gave me for Christmas. I don’t like orange and purple is a GIRLS colour, but they fit really well and don’t have any holes in them.
Next time, would you please give me some Lego or some Football socks. My team is Geelong.
I look forward to seeing you at Easter. Mum is making me write this as part of a challenge.
Thank you again for the socks. I hope you are well.
Love Jimmy James

“There,” he thought, “one down.” He took the card to show Mum, who read it and smiled.

“I’m sure Grandma will love it,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, scanning the front and inside of the card and saving it to a special folder on her computer. “Now address the envelope and we can put it in the mail on the way to school tomorrow.”

Jimmy James was glad when he’d finished. His hand was hurting, and he just wanted to get outside and kick the footy around until dinner time.

“Week 1, challenge reached!” he announced with enthusiasm to no one in particular.


Write On Wednesdays


Just a little bit crazy!

Jimmy James writes letters

If you read my last post, you will know I’ve decided to give NaNoWriMo a try. Well, it’s only been a couple of days, and I’m already stuck with Clara’s story!

So, to keep writing and give myself a break, I’m going to get out a Jimmy James book I’ve started.

This is based on Jimmy James writes a letter, or, rather, it’s continuing the theme. I wanted to look at what would happen if Jimmy James Mum set him a challenge to write a letter every week – who would he write to, and why would he choose those people? Would he get excited as the weeks went on, or lose interest quickly and it become a chore?

So, I have written 871 words so far (this was last weekend) and want to continue this. My own 9 year old has been helping, especially with the letters and suggestions of who Jimmy James can write to.

I’m just a little bit crazy, working on two very different novels during NaNoWriMo. I may not get to 50,000 words on either one, but I do hope to get to that goal between both books.


A new idea for Jimmy James

A good lunch?

Driving home from school yesterday, I asked my 9 year old how his lunch was. He replied “Good” then giggled, saying “How can lunch be good? It’s not as if it can be naughty!”

This led to the suggestion that we should explore a Jimmy James story with a naughty lunch… we just weren’t too sure what this would look like.

So, I’m asking all my awesome readers and supporters for some help.

What would a naughty lunch look like? What would it do?

I’m sure Mr N is thinking about this too, and I look forward to writing up all the different ideas we come up with.

Jimmy James writes a letter

Writing a letter...

It’s Write on Wednesday again. This week is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” challenge. You can read the details here.

I was sent a gorgeous book for my birthday that is correspondence between two people. I have also seen a number of reports about how kids aren’t writing much any more. I have also been toying with writing something about Melbourne & history for kids. I got an idea in my head yesterday for a Jimmy James story written as letters – probably one sided as it’s been a long time since I’ve been overseas…

Here is what I have so far. I’m trying to use a similar style to what my 9 year old may write… Enjoy.

Dear Lara,

You don’t know me, but our Mums knew each other back in high school. My teacher told my Mum that I have to practice my hand writing, so she sent your Mum an email and suggested I write to you since we are about the same age. Anyway, Mum has been nagging me, so I’m getting her off my back by writing this to you. She wouldn’t let me send an email!

So, a bit about me – my name is Jimmy James and I am nearly 10. I live in Australia with my Mum and my little brother, Timmy Tom. He is really annoying. I love footy, not like the one where you are in England, Soccor, but Aussie Rules. Look it up online. It’s the coolest sport. Mum won’t let me play in a team… but I do AusKick to learn how to play.

My favourite colour is Purple. I used to think it was a girls colour, until my Grandma gave me the COOLEST socks for my birthday.

I hope that’s enough for now, my hand is getting tired! Write back if you like.

Jimmy James


Write On Wednesdays


WoW – The Mighty Rewrite

This weeks challenge is interesting. You can view the full challenge here, but the gist is to get the first paragraph of your favourite book and rewrite it.

I don’t have a favourite book, so I picked one of my sons favourite books – Zac Power Test Drive – Zac’s Wild Rescue. Basically any Zac Power book is his favourite & this one was on the top of the pile.

So, here goes…

Zac was in the school library. He had a science project to work on but he was bored. Zac didn’t like doing projects. He always left them to the last minute.

Jimmy James was bored. His homework was laid out in front of him, complete with a blank page to write on. Jimmy James didn’t like doing his homework. He always left it to the last minute.


Reminds me a bit of my 9 year old… lol


Write On Wednesdays


WoW – a single line

This weeks Write on Wednesday challenge is to come up with a single line. You can read the whole challenge here.

I’ve decided to go back to the awesome Jimmy James and the first story I wrote for him (and am still writing).

Jimmy James has some amazing socks.

The story continues that he hates changing his socks as they are so amazing. To read more, you’ll have to wait as the challenge is a single line. I hope you like it, any thoughts to make it a better opening line, I’m open to suggestions (the idea is to get this in a book for young-ish kids, around 7-8 years old).


Write On Wednesdays


Jimmy James’ Scarf

Jimmy James learns how to knit

After having so much fun with the Ink Paper Pen writing challenge, I went searching for another one. I remembered that Leaf Journals has a story starter challenge each week. This week’s is My Greatest Achievement… Hand Made.

Jimmy James loved creating things. All his life he made bits and pieces out of whatever he could find. At different times of his life, he would make things out of different materials. When he was in Kindergarten, he used to make the most amazing box creations. Now that he was 9, his favourite material was Lego.

For Christmas and his Birthday, his family, knowing of his love of Lego, gave him numerous Lego kits. He happily built them following the instructions, but once they were built, he admired for a while, but soon got bored of looking at them on the shelf, so he would dismantle them and rebuild them in other ways, creating some of the most wonderful space ships and other machines.

He was keen to try new things, anything that was available to him. One night he watched his Mum as she was knitting a jumper for her little brother, and he asked her to teach him. Finding some knitting needles and wool, Mum sat and patiently taught him what to do.

Jimmy James was excited. Not only had he learned a new skill, but now he was able to make something special – a scarf for his favourite toy monkey, and a matching one for himself. For a little boy who usually couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes for fear of missing out on something, he would sit for ages, concentrating on getting the stitches just right. Even so, the scarf still ended up with a huge bulge in one end!

After what seemed like months, but was much closer to weeks, Jimmy James showed his knitting to his Mum. It was now long enough and he wanted to learn how to finish it. Mum cast off the stitches and handed him the finished scarf.

Puffing up just a little bit with pride, Jimmy James tied the scarf around his Monkey’s neck. Monkey looked really warm in his new scarf. Jimmy James couldn’t wait to start on the matching scarf for himself.

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