Friday Five – Supporting Crowdfunding campaigns

Friday Five

Friday Five – Support a crowdfunding campaign

If you haven’t heard the news already, I launched my latest crowdfunding campaign last night. I have a number of friends who have also used crowdfunding as a way to publish their books.

For me, crowdfunding is a way to get pre-sales of your book. Your friends, family and fans can order a book along with other great rewards.

If your favourite author is running a crowdfunding campaign to publish their next book, here are some ways you can support their campaign: [Read more…]

Friday Five – Choosing bookkeeping software

Friday Five

Friday Five – Bookkeeping software

The last two days I’ve been at the Reckon Conference, learning a lot about bookkeeping, accounting, and aspects of business. Did you know that bookkeeping is one of the few words to have three double letters in a row?

One thing that stood out was a comment from one of the presenters who said “Choose the right tool for the job”.

I’ve written before about accounting software and how I chose what I did. Here are five things to help you choose the right accounting software for you and your books/writing. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge #ChaBooCha #NaNoWriMo

Friday Five

Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge

I’m currently doing ChaBooChaLite, which means I’m in the middle of editing/writing a new book. There are many other challenges around, including NaNoWriMo, to help authors get those drafts written.

If you have a blog too, how do you keep it going while you’re in the middle of a challenge? Here are five tips to help you. These tips also apply if you’re taking some time away to finish a draft or get your book ready for publication. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Book week blog posts

Friday Five

Friday Five – Book Week blog posts

This week is Book Week. It’s a celebration of all things books and reading, and a great way for authors to raise the profile of their books.

Many authors will be doing workshops and author visits at schools, as well as having their own book week celebrations.

For any author with a blog, this is a good time to schedule some book week blog posts. Here are five ideas for posts for your website: [Read more…]

Friday Five – looking after yourself

Friday Five

Friday Five – Look after yourself

I posted a few days ago about remembering to look after yourself. I don’t know how many of you fit writing around other activities, such as day jobs, kids, family commitments, and so on, but I do.

I find there are times when looking after myself gets lower on the priority list. These are times when I am likely to fall in a heap and no writing happens as that also gets lower on the priority list.

Here are five ways you can look after yourself and keep going: [Read more…]

Friday Five – Things to look for in a book cover

Friday Five

Friday Five –Book Covers

Today I welcome Susan Day to Friday Five

Five things to look for in a book cover:-

With so many books published a day and, in some cases, appearing immediately online it’s important to have a stand-out book cover. This is your customer’s first point of contact and will play a large part in whether they decided to click on your book and purchase it. I have been designing book covers for a few years now and I have learnt a lot on the way. These five tips should help you create a book cover with oomph and pizazz and save you a lot of money too! [Read more…]

Friday Five – Book Launch Invites

Friday Five

Friday Five –Book launch invites

A book launch is pretty boring if no one comes, you need to invite people. How do you get people to come? You need to invite them…

For many people,they simply invite family and friends, however they are a great opportunity to invite people who are already your fans, and spread the word to people who aren’t your fans….. yet.

Here are five ways you can invite people to your book launch. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Reasons to have a book launch

Friday Five

Friday Five –Reasons to have a book launch

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Friday Five…

I have two friends launching their books tomorrow. The first is Jemma Phillips with her book The Bucket Sheep, and the second is Julie Anne Grasso with her book Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage.

Book launches are a lot of fun, as well as work to put on, but they are worth it. For this week, I look at five reasons authors should have a book launch. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Using Twitter to sell your books

Friday Five – Using Twitter to sell books

Friday Five –Using Twitter to sell books

This week, I welcome Susan Day to Friday Five.

Without even realising I have become a semi-expert on Twitter so I thought I’d share five most effective things you can do to promote your work. These tips will help you no matter what field of work you are in.

Twitter is becoming more focused on professionals sharing their work with you and your work with their followers. Unlike Facebook and other social media sites, it is fast moving and always current. I use Facebook and Pinterest too but they are more like billboards or semi-static flyers. I engage with my friends and family and my author friends there but it’s not really about sales. [Read more…]

Friday Five – Using Pinterest to help with your writing

Friday Five – Using Pinterest to help with your writing

Friday Five – Using Pinterest to help with your writing

At teen writers yesterday, we discussed ways that social media can help you with your writing.  For many writers, it can be used to help with promoting your books, networking, and time wasting, but it can also be used to help you with your writing.

Pinterest was one of the sites we discussed. Here are five ways that Pinterest can help you with your writing, but be warned, set yourself a time limit as pinning can be a huge time sucker! [Read more…]

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