Happy New Year – 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I won’t lie and say that 2016 has been the easiest year. I know our whole family is looking forward to this brand new year and to see what it has in store for us.

Writing and reading have kept my sanity this year. I read 40 books, most as part of the PopSugar Reading Challenge, and published my second book. I also attending my first writing conference, Meet the Publishers, earlier in the year. It was such a great event, I’ve signed up to attend in 2017.

Who knows what this year will hold for us.

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Successes for 2016

Successes for 2016

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to post SUCCESSES (rather than resolutions) on our blogs this year. She believes the way New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made come from a place of negativity – what DIDN’T get done or achieved in the previous year.¬†¬†Instead, she suggests we set goals for the New Year that BUILD on our achievements from the previous one. I decided to participate in this Anti-Resolution Revolution! Here is my list for 2016.

This year has been a crazy year for me, and I felt like I hadn’t achieved much… then I wrote this list! [Read more…]

Merry Christmas – 2016

I would like to wish all my followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

The photo in this post is a nativity that my mum knitted for us, this is the first year we’ve been able to enjoy it, and it’s sitting in pride of place in our home.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and receive many books to enjoy in the coming year!


A-Z – Juggling

Closest pic I had for juggling!

The lead up to Christmas is a busy time of year. If I’m completely honest, this whole year has been busy! As well as writing, I have a day job and two teenagers with chronic medical conditions. This year has been a whirlwind of work, medical appointments, school pick up, and keeping the kids fed… in between all that, I have been trying to find time to write – and not only on this blog.

Sometimes, finding time to write feels like juggling. Everything has to be working to get that time… and all the balls need to be thrown into the air at just the right time so they can be caught and the next ball can be thrown up. If things aren’t working, then a ball will fall. This will either result in less balls in the air, or a complete disaster with all the balls dropping.

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A-Z – Ideas

Where do ideas come from?

One of the most common questions I’m asked the young writer’s in the group I run at the library is: Where do ideas come from?

For me, they come from all sorts of places!

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A-Z – Holidays

Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. I’m going to have three weeks off work and am really looking forward to the break!

I don’t know about you, but I find that holidays are are a good time to catch up on my writing, and my reading! By not having to run around quite so much, deliver kids to school and after-school activities, attend whatever appointments they may have… it’s a time to schedule some serious writing time, and get some of my half finished projects done, or at least closer to done.

Holidays are also great to use as writing prompts!

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A-Z – Goals

We all have goals

This may seem obvious, but we all have goals. For those of us who are writers, it’s no difference. I know one of my goals is to make an income from my writing and books.

If I’m completely honest, that goal seems really, really far away!

Back when I ran my business, we were told by a number of different people that it was great to set huge goals, but then, to make them more achievable, we needed to break them down into bite size pieces.

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A-Z – Funding

Funding your self-published book

I have self published two books for children. Even if I hadn’t needed illustrations, I would still have needed to pay for an editor, cover designer, someone to do the layout, and print copies of my book. I know they can be done by authors, however I know I don’t have the skills for design, and anything I come up with won’t look as good as a professional can make it. And then there’s promotion!

Essentially, publishing a book costs money.

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A-Z – Editing

Editing is important

Editing is important

Any writer knows that editing is just as important than writing! It is something that we need to do to knock our writing into shape. I don’t know you, but my first drafts are quite rough. As I tell the participants in my Young Writer’s Group, a first draft is meant to be bad… it’s the editing that turns it into something that readers will want to read.

When I write my first draft, I go through the following process (not always in this order): [Read more…]

A-Z – Dreams



We all have dreams. One of my dreams is to be able to earn an income from my writing. Every book I write brings me one step closer to that dream.

I also come up with some great ideas for stories in my dreams – when I can remember them! Right now I’m writing two novels that came from dreams, and I have a few more ideas that I have written down to develop at a later date.

The dreams don’t usually give me the whole plot of the story, but they do give me a starting point.

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