About Me


My name is Melissa and I’ve wanted to be a published author ever since I was in High School. I won some awards and English was one of my best subjects, however Creative Writing wasn’t an acceptable career path.

As it often does, life got in the way and my creative writing journey was put on hold for a while. In the years since High School, I have had a lot of experiences that are inspiring my writing – including having two gorgeous boys and being a single Mum.

I write a variety of different things, from picture books to chapter books for children, to fiction and non-fiction for adults, as well as writing a number of different blogs on a variety of topics.

My ultimate goal is to be a published author and be able to write full time – in the mean time, I am enjoying the journey. This blog is to share my journey, some of my writing, share where I get published, and any resources I find. I’m also taking part in a number of challenges and I’ll keep you up to date with how they are all going.

Thank you for stopping my and sharing my journey.



Photo courtesy of Steve from COG Audio Visual.