Chapter a day challenge

I have so many partly written stories it’s not funny. I know that in order to reach my dreams, I need to get them written! Once they’re written, I need to get them edited and published! Every book I release, and every book I sell, will bring me a little bit closer to my goal of being a full time author.

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. It’s a simple one – to write or edit a chapter every day.

I’m going to be kind to myself, and allow a couple of days off a week if I need it – I’m being realistic, life can be crazy. However, the more I write, the more I’ll get done.

This challenge also fits in nicely with the Chapter Book Challenge that is starting next month (I can’t wait).

Here are my plans:

  • Look at one book a day – it can be any from my works in progress, just do one at a time
  • Write during my lunch break or in the evening
  • Use whatever tools I have – my laptop, iPad, notebook, whatever
  • A chapter can be any length the story requires
  • Editing a chapter may be rewriting, or it may be just going through and writing my changes
  • The book length will have as many chapter as it needs

Keeping up with this, I should get a few drafts over the next few months. I may even get a book or two released this year! Now that would be pretty exciting.

If you want to join me, let me know so we can all support each other. I just need to get my writing done, which is why I’m putting this out there.

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