Running Workshops

Now that the kids are back at school, I can turn my mind to my dreams.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an amazing chat with Michelle Worthington, a fellow author and the brains behind Share Your Story. One of the things she suggested was to look at other workshops I could teach, other than just writing ones. This wasn’t something I had considered.

I ran my own business for over nine years, and my day job is working with a small business and I’m currently working on my bookkeeping qualifications. I have a lot of small business knowledge that could be useful to authors, especially those like me who want to make a living out of their writing.

When we were talking about this, it seemed obvious to run workshops like this, but I hadn’t really thought of it before.

As a result, I’ve been planning some workshops, and, when I posted about it on Facebook, it seemed to be quite a popular idea.

The first workshop is nearly ready, and I have a list of other topics to prepare. I even have a venue that can hold up to 10 participants comfortably, and am also researching Webinars!

I am still running writing workshops for young writers, but these workshops with Business Skills for Authors will be another string to my bow.

I would like to hear from you. Are there any business skills you would like to learn to help you with your author business? Please add a comment here, or on my Facebook page so I can make sure the workshop topics are relevant.

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