Include a blurb

Include a blurb

Including a blurb on the back or inside cover of your book may seem like something really obvious, however it’s not something that everyone does!

Last week, we were in Paynesville, in Eastern Victoria, and I wandered into a shop. My eye caught the cover of some books that looked interesting. The titles were enticing, however, when I turned them over to see what the books were about, all that greeted me was a profile of the author and illustrator! I couldn’t find a blurb anywhere!

Even though these books were quite cheap, we walked out of the shop without making a purchase. A couple were picture books and one was a chapter book. My son was getting restless so I wasn’t able to have a good flick through the books to see what they were about.

Before buying a book, I like to have an idea of the story. It’s a bit different if I borrow it from the library, but even then I like to have a blurb to read.

It can be difficult writing a blurb – I’ve done it a few times now – but it is an incredibly important part of marketing your book. This can be used not only on the back of your book, but also online on Amazon, your own website shop, and other opportunities to promote your book. If you’re not able to write a blurb yourself, then get some help. Your blurb can often be the difference between getting a sale and missing out.

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