Word for the year: Dreams


One of the tasks in Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers was to come up with a word or inspirational quote for the year.

I thought about this long and hard before choosing my word:


This word is not about dreaming dreams. It’s more about making my dreams come true.

There are days when I feel my whole life is about helping other people’s dreams come true. This is the year when I start working towards making my dreams come true.

I want to make books – writing and reading them – my career. I want to be able to earn an income that means my kids and I can live the life we want to live. I want to be there for my kids as they grow up, deal with their health issues, and become the best men they can be. I want to love my life.

It’s going to take a while for me to work out what this will look like. What steps will need to be taken to make my dreams come true and how we can make this happen, other than simply writing more books! I may blog about this to bring you all on my journey.

All I know for sure is that I have some really great motivation to make this happen for me and my little family.

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