Gratitude Post – 2017

12 Days of Christmas

One of the challenges for Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers is to write a list of things we are grateful for in our writing life during 2017. It’s so easy to focus on the negative’s, but this exercise made me focus on something positive, and not just the successes.

I thought I’d put some of those things here on my blog.

In 2017, I was grateful for:

  • My kids – 2017 has been a tough year for us, but we have come through it and are still smiling. They are amazing, crazy, funny, and completely nuts, and every day I can’t believe how blessed I am to be their mum.
  • The team from Stone Table Books – they worked with me to polish and publish Lizzy’s Dragon with great understanding as we were going in and out of hospital while going through the process! The result was fantastic and I can’t wait to submit to them again.
  • The Meet the Publishers conference – this is becoming a must-attend event for me. It’s wonderful to catch up with fellow authors and spend a day talking writing and publishing.
  • Monash Public Library Service and all the kids who attend the Young Writers Group – this has been so much fun. I love talking writing with all the kids who attend our regular sessions as well as the school holiday workshops
  • Just Write For Kids – the support I receive as an author on their Facebook page has been invaluable, as well as the promotion opportunities through Books on Tour have been so wonderful, even though I haven’t been able to give as much as I would have liked.
  • My family and friends – they have been there every step of the way during 2017, supporting us, reading and reviewing books, and generally being amazing.
  • Reading and writing – this has been my sanity saver, both reading and writing books. I’m grateful this is a skill I possess and one that I can do just about anywhere.
  • My church family – they have also been walking beside us during a difficult year, not only supporting us with the health issues of my kids, but also me with my writing by encouraging me, coming to my book launch, buying and reading my books, and encouraging me to keep following my dreams.

This is not an exhaustive list, however these are the top things I can think of. This is a wonderful exercise to kickstart the year. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2018.

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