Never say never…

Never say never…

When I first started writing chapter books, I settled into a niche. I was mostly writing stories about kids in the real world doing things that kids do and dealing with issues that kids deal with – bullying, playing football, worrying about their siblings, going to school, and so on. Realistic fiction was what I wrote.

I would see competitions and publishing opportunities for stories in different genre, such as fantasy, horror, super hero, and more, and I would dismiss them as I didn’t write stories in those categories, I wrote realistic fiction…

Lately I’ve learned to never say never.

Last year I was talking with a family friend who was looking for middle grade fantasy stories. Initially I thought: “I don’t write fantasy, I write realistic fiction”. After a while I thought, “Why not… I’ll give it a try.”

We came up with a story idea and I started writing about a girl who wants a lizard as a pet and her parents say no. She finds an egg in her yard and, instead of a lizard, the egg hatches to reveal a dragon!

The result of this story is my new book,  Lizzy’s Dragon. It’s published by Stone Table Books and is available now.

There are still some genre that I won’t write for, however I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to writing. You never know where this journey will take you or what stories you will write.


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  1. I hope you had fun with it, Melissa! That’s an advantage of breaking out of your rut: unlimited fun!

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