Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day 2017

Today is Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day. This is a day close to my heart as my 13 year old son has CFS, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or ME.

Nearly four years ago, he came down with glandular fever. It took us around 18 months to get a diagnosis of ME/CFS!

This has had a huge impact, not only on his life, but also family life, and part of the reason is that it’s so misunderstood.

He only goes to school part time, and has regular appointments with doctor’s at the Royal Children’s Hospital to monitor his progress. There are many activities he wants to do that he can’t. For example, he really wants to join the Scouts, but it’s not an option right now, as well as attending school camps, and similar activities.

For the family, this means more running around for me, and, as a family, there are many activities we can’t do.

Shortly after his diagnosis, his brother did a fundraiser at his school to raise awareness and funds for Emerge Australia. He asked the kids at his school to donate a gold coin to guess how many times he would solve a Rubik’s cube in half an hour. This event was nearly 2 years ago today!

I wrote a book inspired by this event as a way to raise awareness of ME/CFS, as well as encourage siblings of kids with a chronic medical condition to act.

To help raise awareness, I’ve put the ebook of 3… 2… 1… Done! free on Amazon for a few days. Click here to get your copy. I have also discounted the price of the printed book when you order from me. Click here to order your copy.

I would ask that when you download or purchase your copy, you make a donation to Emerge Australia through my Everyday Hero page to help support their work researching the causes and cures of ME/CFS. Click here to donate.

ME/CFS is a debilitating medical condition, and I would appreciate your help raising awareness and supporting organisations who are helping those living with it.

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