When exhaustion wins…

Sometimes exhaustion takes over

I am a writer, and a published author. Words are constantly flowing around in my head and being written down, either in a note book or on the computer. Books, words, and reading are what gets me excited. However…

There are some days when it’s all too hard and the exhaustion wins.

This can look like different things on different days.

It can be a physical exhaustion where I am too tired I can’t move out of the lounge chair to go to bed.

It can be a feeling of exhaustion where my mind won’t function the way I want it to.

It can be something more vague that can’t be described, but it leaves me feeling flat and tired.

There are times when the exhaustion wins.

I’ve read all the articles that say that in order to be a “real” writer, you need to write every day, but sometimes the exhaustion wins and I can only write once a week, or less.

This doesn’t make me any less of a writer. It doesn’t take away the books I have published, or the words that I’ve written.

All it means is that I have a busy life. I’m a mum and I have a day job. I also have two children who need to attend school, medical appointments, and after school activities.

I often get frustrated at my exhaustion. There are story ideas swirling in my head most of the time, ideas that are begging to get written. I even have kids come up and ask when the next book will be coming out (it’s great to have fans). Sitting, staring at a blank screen or page from a note book can be very annoying.

This doesn’t make me any less of a writer. It also doesn’t mean that I will never publish another book, even if it sometimes feels like it sometimes.

I have learned not to let the exhaustion take over entirely so that I stop writing altogether. I have also learned to work with my exhaustion and be kind to myself. If I can’t write, I shouldn’t force it. If an idea is bugging me, I just jot down the basics so I can come back to it later.

There are days, or even weeks, I have to roll with the exhaustion, but it’s not going to stop me reaching my dreams. It’s also not going to stop me from being a writer.

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  1. The idea that we absolutely must write every day has always bothered me. Writing is a JOB, and like every other JOB, we need breaks – but it’s also not a major income source for most writers, which means we also have to take in account our actual jobs, plus all the other things regular people have trouble balancing with those jobs.

    You’re still a writer, and you’re still valid, even when exhaustion wins.

    Speaking of exhaustion, I need a nap!

    • Thanks Dianna, I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the “write every day” idea difficult. I hope you got your nap 🙂

  2. I really like this. There are so many productivity websites, articles, talks… but often life happens – and that’s okay.

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