Making writing a priority

Creating more time to write

I love writing, and reading. Last year, I joined the PopSugar Reading Challenge as a way to make reading a bigger part of my life, and to read a wider range of books. This year I’m working on making writing a priority.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about this and working out the places I am the most productive. For some reason, that place is at a cafe, but it has to be one that’s not too noisy. I can write in other places too, however the cafe seems to be my preferred environment.

My kids go to their dad’s every second weekend, so my first plan is to spend a couple of hours when they are away at one of my favourite cafe’s armed with my laptop and/or iPad and one of the stories I’m working on. One day during the holidays, I wrote 10 chapters for a new book!

The other thing that looks like will be happening this year is I will have a lunch break that is not spent driving children to and from school! I am also planning to spend a couple of days a week writing during my lunch break.

These activities will be in addition to my writing at home and other places such as writing workshops. My aim is to carve out some time that is just for me to write and edit, and then publish, more books. While they will be in addition, I am hoping they won’t add to my stress levels. If anything, I hope that spending more time on writing will help reduce my stress levels as I will be focusing on an activity I love.

What do you do to make writing a priority in your life?

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