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Doing some online courses

I haven’t blogged much lately. I decided to take January off, have a break with my kids, get a head start on the PopSugar Reading Challenge, and do some thinking about what I want 2017 to look like.

One of the things I wanted to do was some courses, partly to learn more about writing, but also to have something to show I know what I know (sometimes having 2 books published isn’t enough!). To get back in the habit of studying, I thought I’d check out some of the free online courses that are on offer. I have a few friends who have done some and really enjoyed them, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Now, I know there are a lot of writing workshops and courses on offer in Melbourne, however I struggle to get to them as they are often at times I can’t attend as I am at work or running around after children on weekends, or they are in places that are hard for me to get to, so online courses are a great option, for now at least.

I started with looking around Coursera and Udemy (I have since discovered SkillShare). I didn’t have any particular subject in mind, just did some searches on “writing”, “books”, “literature”, and similar terms. Essentially anything to do with books and writing. Most of the Udemy courses were priced around $19, which was pretty good, however being so close to Christmas and my kids birthdays, I didn’t have the spare cash… so I chose a Coursera course on writing for young readers. It was quite a basic course, and there was a lot that I already knew, but I knew that going in.

The course ended this past weekend, and I’m pretty pleased I got 98%!

Here are some things that I found while doing this course:

  • It was great being able to listen to the videos while I went about my day, such as cooking dinner. As I was able to do this, I wasn’t struggling to find time to do the course.
  • The weekly assignments were quite straight forward, and a great way to get some writing done. I had a writing prompt and guidelines. With the way I write, I was able to do them in good time, and they helped get me writing again for the New Year. I now have a few pieces that can either be edited as they are, or form the basis for longer works.
  • All the assignments were peer assessed and it was interesting reading what others had written and how they had used the writing prompts.
  • In listening to the videos and reading the course material, it was great to see how much I had already learned and that much of my learning was on point with what they were teaching about writing for children. It was also interesting listening to the interviews with other authors and their writing process and journey to be published.

In short, I really enjoyed the course I did and how it fit into my life. I’m currently looking at the sites for another course! It will be interesting to see how they fit in now that life is getting back to “normal” with school and work. There are so many courses on offer, it’s hard to decide what to do next!

This is not a sponsored post in any way. Some of you may be interested in doing some online courses as a way to work on your craft.

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  1. Dear Melissa, we offer two ten-module writing courses, one on picture books, the other on chapter books and novels. There are exercises on each module, which we mark and comment on individually. They’re certainly more expensive than $19, but you do get individual feedback! Good that you enjoyed the one you did do. Regards, Virginia

  2. Thanks Virginia. I did your picture book course many years ago, it was great. Unfortunately the price for your course is out of my budget at the moment. Hopefully one day 🙂

    • i’d forgotten you’d done my Picture Book course, Melissa. Yes, i gather even $19 is outside your range now, and we’re much more expensive than that. but we couldn’t give the sort of feedback we do, for less than we charge, unfortunately. Cheers, Virginia

  3. I completely understand about price 🙂 At work, we run courses so I know how much they cost. I’m trying to save to do some other courses, but for now, the free ones are a great start.

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