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Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. I’m going to have three weeks off work and am really looking forward to the break!

I don’t know about you, but I find that holidays are are a good time to catch up on my writing, and my reading! By not having to run around quite so much, deliver kids to school and after-school activities, attend whatever appointments they may have… it’s a time to schedule some serious writing time, and get some of my half finished projects done, or at least closer to done.

Holidays are also great to use as writing prompts!

A number of authors release Christmas novella’s around this time of year. These make great gifts, or even just for a bit of fun holiday reading.

It’s not just Christmas that can be used. There are plenty of other holiday’s throughout the year – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, even Melbourne Cup Day!

A few ways you can use holiday’s to boost your readers include:

  • Write a novella and release it in the lead up to the holiday of your choice
  • Write a short story and publish it on your website or release it as a special gift for your newsletter subscribers
  • Join forces with a number of other authors and publish a collection of short stories and poems that can either be sold, or given as a freebie to all your fans

I’m sure there are plenty more ideas you can add to this. I keep looking at ideas for Christmas stories that I can release in future years… I’m looking forward to the holidays so that, hopefully, I can get some written ready for next year!

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