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Funding your self-published book

I have self published two books for children. Even if I hadn’t needed illustrations, I would still have needed to pay for an editor, cover designer, someone to do the layout, and print copies of my book. I know they can be done by authors, however I know I don’t have the skills for design, and anything I come up with won’t look as good as a professional can make it. And then there’s promotion!

Essentially, publishing a book costs money.

Even if you are going down the traditional publishing route, you may want to pay for a manuscript assessment or even an editor to help knock your manuscript into shape before submitting it to publishers.

Here are a few ideas to help you fund your publishing journey:

  • Savings/Tax return – if you have savings, you can use this. I know a few people who use their tax return every year to bring out a new book! With this, you are using money you already have.
  • Revenue from other books – if you have books available for sale, you could keep this money aside and use it to publish your next book.
  • Revenue from speaking & workshops – if you are able to speak at libraries and schools, keep this money in a savings account especially for your next book.
  • Pre-sales – when your new book is nearly ready for release, open up pre-sales for your fans. This could go a long way to covering your initial costs and your fans will be able to support the creation of your new book.
  • Crowdfunding – I crowdfunded my first book and was able to raise enough to cover all the costs associated with my book. Essentially, you set a goal and have a number of rewards for supporters, anything from a book to an author appearance. The ideas are numerous.
  • Garage sale – A while ago I heard of an author who held a garage sale to raise the funds to publish her first book. It was a great way to declutter her home and she had a purpose for the money raised.

Do you have any ideas for funding your book that could be added to this list? How did you fund your publishing journey?

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