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I was thinking about a topic for B – bookmarks was the obvious one, but most authors will use that. So I thought I’d blog about blogging!

I started blogging way back in the early days, before it was a “thing”. The earliest blog post that I’ve been able to find was in 2008! I have blogged about parenting, running a small business, writing, reading, life, and all sorts of things.

One question I see in a lot of writer’s groups is: Do I have to have a blog?

My answer is simple: No, you don’t have to, but it can be useful.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll see quite a few posts about blogging. You can catch up on them here.

Two of the biggest advantages of having a blog:

  • Search engines – search engines love websites that are updated often. Having a blog can be a simple way to keep your site updated.
  • News – the format of a blog can be an easy way to update your website with news such as book releases, author signings, workshops, awards, and so on.

You could do much more with a blog, adding posts often and talking about whatever you like, however, for many authors, this can seem like hard work. If you don’t enjoy blogging, it can be a chore and take you away from things you enjoy more, such as writing a new book!

If you want to get started with blogging, there are a lot of resources out there to help you.

As I’ve been blogging for a while, I compiled some ideas for blog posts into an ebook, click here to check it out. As you can see, I find it helpful to have a prompt to kick start posts!

Do you have a blog? What sorts of information do you share, and what advice would you give to other authors who are wondering whether or not they should start a blog?

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  1. Hi Melissa, since you have been blogging for so long, I need to ask you about its impact on your business growth, or at least on the size of your fan base. I do like to blog. It rarely feels like a chore. But I have seen little evidence that it makes a difference in the blogosphere, on my business, or on the fan base. What originally got me motivated was seeing the power of the blog related to the Julie and Julia movie. So I’m pleading for a few grains of home. Thanks.

    • Hi Jack,
      I know that it has helped me build an audience as I have followers on Facebook and Twitter who engage with me and buy my books when they were launched, and especially when I ran the crowdfunding campaign for my first book. It’s also helping me come up with content as I have plans to edit some of my blog posts into ebooks with tips for authors. It’s not an immediate thing, and it does take time to build a following.
      I hope this helps.

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