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Where do you go for advice?

Where do you go for advice?

As I said in my last post, I have been looking for some prompts to help me keep the blogging happening! One of the author’s I follow on Twitter, Beth Stilborn, is using the alphabet as a prompt, and I thought I’d do the same.

I’m not aiming to blog every day, just more regularly than I had been before the Author Blog Challenge.

I hope you enjoy my A-Z posts.

Where do you go for Advice?

Whether you are a new author, or if you are well established, we all look for advice from time to time. It could be advice on writing, publishing, promotion, or anything else to do with the writing process.

When I need advice, I have a number of go-to places. These include:

  • Facebook groups – I’m a member of a variety of groups. Each group has a different focus, from writing for kids, to writing when you are short of time, to Christian writer’s groups. I post questions in them depending on what I’m working on and what sort of advice I need.
  • Books – I like the old-fashioned print books rather than ebooks, mostly because I spend too much time on screens at work and when I’m writing. I’m getting a collection of books on writing, as well as visit my local library if I need information on a particular issue. These are usually written by people who have been in the industry for some time and have some fantastic tips in them.
  • Blogs – There are a number of blogs I follow. Similar to the Facebook groups, different blogs can give advice on different topics. For many of them, I follow them on Facebook or Twitter and read posts as they come up in my newsfeed. There are some that are my go-to sources if I’m looking for advice on particular topics, and others will just pop up when I need them (a bit like Beth’s posts with the A-Z blog post idea!).
  • Writer friends – I have a number of writer friends that I can get advice from. It could be online through Facebook messenger, a phone call, or catching up for a coffee. We can pick each other’s brains on anything from where to take a story to how to get our books in the hands of readers.

There are other places you can go for advice, such as writer’s centres, workshops, author associations, and more, but the ones above are the ones I use the most, especially as I don’t have a lot of time to get out to events, although the Kidlitvic Meet the Publishers conference is a must attend event in my calendar.

Where do you go for advice when you need help with writing, publishing, and promoting your books?

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  1. I go to Facebook for advice, but I also rely on my very clever friends. While none of them are authors they are all avid readers and have a wealth of ideas 🙂

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