Day 19 – If you were to take up mischief marketing…

Mischief Marketing

Mischief Marketing

Day 19 prompt is:

Mischief marketing is any form of nontraditional – and often outlandish – marketing. Leaving your bookmarks in similar books in a bookstore. Writing your title in chalk on a sidewalk that gets lots of foot traffic. Attending a ballgame dressed up as a character in your book. What kind of mischief marketing could you get up to in an effort to promote your book? The bolder the better. What would it take for you to work up the nerve to implement such a campaign?

Interesting prompt today. What have I done so far? I leave bookmarks wherever I can – cafe’s mostly. I have also left them in library books when we return them!

Often I give someone a bookmark instead of a business card when exchanging details.

I’m not the sort of person who will get dressed up to draw attention to myself at a big event or something like that… I’m not sure what else I’d do, although I’m sure coming up with ideas would be a lot of fun.

Different things could be done for different books, depending on the characters and themes. Coming up with mischief marketing ideas will be something I add to my list when looking at marketing ideas for future books, and when I look at the marketing for my current books.

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  1. Sakuntala Gananathan says:

    Hi Melissa, I love the idea of your suggestions for ‘mischief marketing.’ It’s cost free and easy.
    Thank you and best regards,

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