Day 17 – If you were to write a jingle…

Holiday Jingle

Holiday Jingle

Day 17 prompt is:

The holidays will be upon us soon. Ever notice all the holiday commercials that use jingles in their ads? A jingle is designed to be catchy and entertaining. If you were to write a jingle for your book, what lyrics might it contain? What music might you mimic/use? Now that you’ve thought about it, how likely are you to actually go out and create a jingle for your book?

If I were to write a jingle, it would probably be something for the series rather than an individual book, and it would possibly take the form of a school song, you know, the kind that was sung at assembly and everyone hated!

The lyrics would contain words about school spirit, friendship, and so on, probably with messages about anti-bullying and being yourself as they are themes in the book.

For the music, it would probably be something catchy but boring, that would water down the impact of the lyrics. That’s what most school songs I’ve heard here in Australia have been like!

Now that I’ve thought about, how likely am I to actually create a jingle for the book? Honestly, not very likely as poetry and lyrics have never been my thing. However, as the book series gets more popular, I may do a call out for readers to create one for me… hey, there’s another contest idea!

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