Day 15 – What about those graphics?

Picture books from flash fiction

Images, images

Day 15 prompt is:

Most adult books – graphic novels notwithstanding – rely on words to convey their plots and/or content. But when it comes to marketing – specifically, getting people to remember you – it’s super important to include images to anchor your marketing messages. What kinds of creative graphics (e.g., infographics, comic strips, stick figures, etc.) can (or do) you use to spice up your marketing and get people to take an interest in your book(s)?

My creative graphics are fairly basic as I’m not a graphic designer! My amazing publisher was able to create stunning covers for my books, and generally I use those images over and over again, especially online. She has also been able use the cover images to create bookmarks to promote my books.

On my blog, I aim to put a picture with each post. Most of these images are clip art pictures, although occasionally I use photographs I’ve taken or titles I’ve created using templates in Canva.

Most of what I create is simple. A title will usually just have the name of the blog post series in colours that suit my blog, maybe a small image on it too. Generally I find a template that shows what I want it to and tweak it.

I also re-use images, especially when I can’t find a new image that suits a post.

Images are very important on blogs, especially when they are posted on social media, as posts with images are often shown more in people’s newsfeeds than posts without images.

Some days I wish I had the skills to create original images for my marketing, but then I remember that I’m much better at creating the words and I would rather spend time creating the words and letting others create the images for me. So I’ll stick with my clip art images, and templates.

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