Day 13 – What kind of contest could you hold?

Idea for a contest?

Idea for a contest?

Day 13 prompt is:

Contests are a great way to inspire interest in you as an author – and in your book(s). Social media is one way to host a contest – but the options are virtually limitless. What kinds of contests could you hold to generate the participation, buzz, and involvement of potential readers? What kinds of prizes could you offer – other than the obvious, a copy of your book?

I must admit that I love entering contests, and so do my kids. We’ve won all sorts of things from movie tickets to a huge box of popcorn to $500 cash! I have also won quite a few books through contests.

Recently I’ve considered a contest to grow my email newsletter list… the main thing I can think of is to have a question of some sort and choose the best answer. For example for my kids books, the question could be related to a school experience, such as tell us about your best sporting experience (for an upcoming book), or tell us how you tried to fit in.

There’s also photo contests to have readers dress up as characters from my books and send in a photo. This could create a buzz by inviting readers to interpret how they see my characters. This could work for any book, including anthologies, after all, who doesn’t love dressing up as a fairy tale character?

For prizes, the obvious prize is a copy of the book, however a book pack, or a book with items related to the book could be put together. For example with 3… 2… 1… Done! a pack with a book and a Rubik’s Cube could be put together.

Other ideas could include a school visit by me, or even a one on one for an emerging author where we can talk about writing and publishing! There would need to be strict terms and conditions with this as I would need to fit it in around work and kids.

To grow my exposure to potential readers, I could also team up with authors with books in the same genre. We could grow our reach for the competition through all our lists and put together a prize that includes books from all of us. We never know, one of my loyal readers could become a fan of one their books and vice versa, and the readers may be happy to find out about new authors.

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