Day 12 – Tell us about your book signing…

Signing Books

Signing Books

Day 12 prompt is:

Describe your first book signing – real or imagined.

My first book signing was at my book launch 2 years ago.

This was a great event. It was hosted at our local library and we had speeches, including one by my son, nibbles for guests, and book signings!

I signed books, and so did my son as he did some of the illustrations. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again!

We are in the process of planning my next book launch. Along with speeches, we will also be having some kids showing guests how to solve the Rubik’s cube and do another Cubing for CFS fundraiser. It will be fun too.

Book signings are so much fun, if you haven’t had one for your book, I highly recommend having one.

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