Day 11 – Modeling other authors in your genre…

Modelling authors in your genre

Modelling authors in your genre

Day 11 prompt is:

When is the last time you did a survey of other books similar to yours on the market? How are they selling? What do their authors’ websites look like? What are their authors doing to market? What ideas could you borrow to generate your own new marketing concepts or campaigns?

To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve done this! The last time was when I was researching Swallow Me, NOW!, looking at covers and trying to get my author website done. It is something I need to do once more.

Books for kids are selling, the main challenge is to get people knowing about them, both the kids and the gate keepers. Being self-published, I don’t have the weight of a publisher behind me, so I keep plugging away. The other challenge I have is that I work during the day, so doing school visits (something that most children’s authors seem to do) is a bit hard right now.

Right now, I’m working on a couple of books for grown ups, just for something different! I am about to research other authors who write for both kids and grown ups and what they do with their websites, especially how they manage web content for two quite different groups. If anyone has any recommendations for authors who write for both kids and adults that would be worth checking out, let me know.

Once I’ve done my research, it will help me know what to do with my website, and how to redesign it.

I also want to know how they handle things like newsletters – do they have different newsletters for different groups, or just one that covers all genre?

There is a lot to know as the books I’ve had published are both for kids, although I do have stories in a number of anthologies and I’ve published one tip book for authors.

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