Day 9 – What’s your best NON-bookstore venue?

Selling through cubing shops!

Selling through cubing shops!

Day 9 prompt is:

What would be the ideal NON-bookstore venue for selling your book? Why? What is your plan to reach out to such a venue to ask about having them carry your book?

For my book, 3… 2… 1… Done!, my ideal non-bookstore venue is the cubing shops. As this is the first fiction book that features a speedcuber, this is is the best place to put the book so that other cubers can find it.

So far, it’s listed at, and they’ve already sold a couple of copies! Click here to see the book in their shop. To have it listed there, I asked them.!

I’m also finding a great venue to sell my books is at markets. This is because kids spot the covers and ask their parents to buy a copy! I have done a few this year and most of them have been good, however they’ve all been on a Sunday morning and the timing hasn’t worked well for family time, so for next year I am looking for markets on a Friday night or a Saturday.

We are also looking for school fete’s and markets, especially primary school ones. This will be a great way to get my books in front of primary school students. To do this I’m going to keep my eye on the local newspaper and schools nearby as they often have billboards out the front announcing their upcoming fete.

If you would like to join the challenge, and would like to read the other posts, click here.

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