Day 8 – If book marketing were a sandwich…

Marketing Sandwich

Marketing Sandwich

Day 8 prompt is:

In America, November 3rd is  National Sandwich Day. Step back for a minute and think of your book marketing campaign as a sandwich. What are the ingredients? What make up the guts of your campaign? What comprises the bread/wrap/lettuce leaf that holds it together? And what are the condiments – the extras that add spice and really make it delicious?

BONUS: Which sandwich does your book most resemble?

This is a hard prompt, probably because my book marketing is a bit ad hoc at the moment, consisting of whatever I can fit in in the time I have available.

Right now, the guts of my marketing is word of mouth. This includes recommendations from family and friends, as well as kids seeing my books at markets and asking their parents to buy them.

The bread that holds it together is all the other things I do, such as social media, or are these the extras that add spice?

Book marketing is something that I need to do more of, along with writing more books! I have found lately that, with the release of book 2 in the series, sales of book 1 have increased! This shows me that having more books for sale helps to increase the sale of all your books, not just the latest one.

So, maybe having more books are the spices that make marketing even more delicious?

As far as the sandwich that resembles my books? I’d say a cheese and Vegemite sandwich. My books are Australian and set in a Primary school. Cheese and Vegemite sandwiches are a staple lunch sandwich in Aussie schools.

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  1. Good one, Melissa! My When I See Grandma book would be like a cucumber sandwich – a bit retro and refined. My new book will be like a sprinkles sandwich (think fairy bread) because it’s fun!

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