Day 3 – Book Costume

Book character costume

Book character costume

Day 3 prompt is:

On the day before All Hallow’s Eve, let’s examine the obvious and think Halloween today. If you were to put together a “costume” to promote your book, wear at your book signings/events, and otherwise attract attention – and, more importantly, questions – about your book, what would it look like? Are you brave enough to actually wear it?

For my books, the basic costume is a school uniform! The uniform I have created for my books is shown in the cover images – a bottle green check dress, or bottle green tracksuit pants/shorts and the school t-shirt. The t-shirt is bottle green with a lighter green stripe and the school logo on it.

I can’t say this a costume I would wear at book signings and events. Partly because I hadn’t thought about it before, but also because I don’t think these items come in my size! I know the school dress and tracksuit pants can be purchased by kids, but don’t come in adult sizes as they are designed for primary school kids!

I have some picture book manuscripts and fantasy stories that would be fun to dress up in – costumes such as princesses, evil geniuses, dragons, knights, etc. But those books haven’t been published yet!

There are some authors I know who dress up for their book signings and launches, but they write books that have super heroes and spacemen, and other characters with more interesting costumes than a school uniform… maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to get a uniform made in my size… but not just yet!

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  1. Laughing because the school I work at has a bottle green uniform – probably not the best costume for selling your book, but would be easy for book week!

    • hehehe, I laugh too as both schools my kids went to had bottle green uniforms! I keep hoping that a kid will wear their school uniform with a pink jacket to be Sam, or a bottle green uniform with a Rubik’s Cube to be Tony…

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