Day 1 – Hook for a book

321-done-ebook-coverThe Day 1 prompt is:

Having a hook is one of the keys to successfully marketing your book. What is your 30-second elevator pitch? And whom would you most like to give it to?

Elevator pitches are something I’ve always struggled with, whether it’s to explain my books, or when I ran my own business!

Swallow Me, NOW! is the story of Samantha, a grade 5 girl who starts a new school and learns to deal with the school bully.

3… 2… 1… Done! is the story of Tony, a boy in grade 6. When he discovers his little brother is actually sick and not faking it, he decides to use his Rubik’s cube to do something to help.

With the second book, if the pitch is more than 30 seconds, I mention that the book is inspired by a true story and is the first book in the World to be published that features a kid who solves the Rubik’s cube really fast (a speedcuber).

I use these pitches, or variations of them, at markets when someone asks what the books are about, or when talking to teachers and librarians when asking them to order copies for their library.

To find out more about the challenge, and read the other posts, click here.

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