Getting back into writing #writeabookwithal

Getting back into writing

Getting back into writing

The last six or seven weeks, I’ve been struggling to write. My older son has been quite unwell and most of my energy has been taking him to medical appointments and physio. This includes keeping up with my marketing posts here…

I have been working on other things, my next book is nearly ready to go, and I started a new blog, but really want to get back into my fiction writing. I have a manuscript I need to get finished, and some other stories begging to be written.

The other day I read a post on Allison Tait’s blog, she’s starting a new book today and is inviting other authors to join in. You can read her post here. I figured I’d give it a try and join in.

To get back in the groove, I’m going to work on a little cubing story, inspired by my younger son and taking some inspiration from my younger brothers too. I’m setting writing goals for that one much as I do for the Chapter Book Challenge. A chapter a day for a couple of weeks. With this one, I’m also going to try something different with the planning. That will be my challenge tonight.

I’m also going to work on finishing my other manuscript, but I need to break through the block first so I can focus on the story… I’m hoping that working on a new story that is shorter and has a simpler premise will help break through the block of the longer story.

Follow along with my progress on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll also try and check in here when I can. For everyone else taking part, you can follow with the hashtag #writeabookwithal

Wish me luck, and let me know if  you’re joining in too.

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